Where To Work For First Time OFWs

Working in the Philippines might seem hopeless for you. You want to make sure that you will provide the best life and future for your family so you decided to seek greener pastures.

The question is where. There are tons of countries in need of Filipino workers and the choices could be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Hong Kong may be an instant choice as well but with the current condition of the city, it is best to explore your other options.

If you are a first-time OFW, then here are some of the country destinations ideal for you:


This is recommended especially if you don’t want to feel too far from home.

Singapore is among the best and most stable countries to work in because of their current economic status. Plus, the pay is good, so you will be able to save money in no time. You just have to be competitive, hardworking, and patient because Singaporeans are known for being workaholic.

Language won’t be an issue as well since many Singaporeans can speak English. It is also a haven for expats from around the world, which means communication won’t be a problem.

Technology-related jobs are in demand in Singapore. Marketing, sales, and food and beverage industry have tons of job openings as well that you might want to check out.

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United Arab Emirates

UAE is also another OFW-favorite. This immensely-rich country, thanks to oil and gas deposits, are in need of skilled workers who want to advance in their field of expertise.

Healthcare, engineering, domestic work, food and beverage, and BPO are in demand nowadays. The best part is your income is tax-free, so there’s nothing to worry.

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There is a reason why Taiwan is becoming a popular tourist destination among Filipinos. Aside from food, there’s so much to see in this small but proud country. This is why it’s not surprising why many aspiring OFWs are looking into this as well.

There are tons of job opportunities in Taiwan such as factory work, domestic work, production, and other similar jobs. Plus, Taiwanese are generally not discriminatory and work permit will be taken cared of by your employer.

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New Zealand

No, New Zealand is not all about cows. Believe it or not, there are tons of job opportunities for OFWs that you might want to consider working here. There’s a job waiting in the healthcare industry, tourism, sports, and even electronics.

Plus one since New Zealand also provides equal opportunities, regardless of gender and citizenship.

If you love nature, then this country is for you.

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Sometimes, it’s not enough that you are working overseas. Eventually, you will miss your family and you would want to be with them 24/7. If you plan to move your family for good to a different country, then Canada is the best choice.

There are tons of job opportunities waiting with competitive employment and healthcare benefits. It’s also easier to secure permanent residency as long as you submit all the needed requirements.

The weather may be more challenging, though, so choose your state wisely.

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Which among these countries are you most likely to go? Regardless of your choice, make sure you submit all requirements and be truthful about your information.

More importantly, work hard. These countries will provide you with the best opportunities and benefits but if you don’t take your job seriously, then you might end up going home with nothing.

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