Small Business Ideas You Can Try Even With Low Capital

If you’re an OFW, you’re either in the country where you’re working or back in the Philippines, which is most likely the latter.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, more than 31,000 OFWs as of May 2020 – and this number is still increasing (1). Aside from this, thousands of Filipino workers are unable to leave the country to work overseas. Surely, this created an impact, especially financially.

Still, this doesn’t mean it’s over. The pandemic affected everyone’s way of life and living but this doesn’t mean you cannot do something about it. While you’re still awaiting deployment or planning to look for a new job, here are business ideas you can do first and who knows, this could venture into something bigger:


Who doesn’t love sweets? If you or anyone in the family have a knack for baking, then you can put those skills into good use and start baking. The good thing about this business is that you need less than P10k for capital, especially if you already have basic tools like mixer and measuring devices.

Chocolate chip cookies and brownies are common favorites but if you want people to notice, then think of something that is not yet offered in the market. Remember the ube cheese pandesal craze?


If baking is not your passion, then cooking could bring in some extra cash – and this is doing good, so far. Many people are always in the lookout for new dishes to try and if you happen to have a family favorite, then why not share and sell it?

Weekly meal plans are also click these days since many people are starting to become more conscious. If you opted for this, then careful meal planning is necessary since you have to prepare four meals for one week.

Costing is crucial, so don’t sell your products too low to lose profit or too high to lose customers. Explore your options when sourcing your products. Supermarkets have higher prices but you are assured of the safety and cleanliness of the food products.


Grab, Lalamove, and Mr. Speedy are in demand nowadays. If you prefer a set-up you can control, why not partner with online sellers you know and offer delivery services? You will have to service a few instead of waiting for the transaction to come in. You can negotiate your fees as well, so it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Still, this requires a smartphone and motorcycle. If you already have one, then make use of it now. Otherwise, you have to buy one, which will cost P40,000 or less, depending on the brand.


Milk tea are popular for quite sometime. But if you want to stand out in the market, then offer drinks that caters to health-conscious individuals or those who are into a specific diet.

Selling drinks is among the low-cost but profitable business ideas because let’s face it, who doesn’t drink, right? It’s a hit, too, regardless of the weather.


if you or anyone in the family has a knack for anything tech-related, then consider this business. Web design is in demand these days because many companies are transitioning and slowly going digital. A lot of startup companies are also in need of this service, so take advantage of this as well.


Thinking of what to sell and making these products can be time consuming. The good news is there are tons of online sellers who are looking for resellers of their products. This way, they could reach a wider market – and this is where you come in.

What’s good about being a reseller is that you don’t have to be involved in the actual process. You can also re-sell multiple products, as long these products are not directly competing. This could result to higher income as well.

Storage is an important factor, especially if you will resell frozen goods. Make sure you have sufficient space as well and always be mindful of your inventory.

This pandemic compromised your plans for your family but this doesn’t mean you cannot do something to salvage the situation. Business may be slow and small at first but with hard work, effort, and help from family and friends to support your venture in social media, things will get better soon. Have faith.



How To Start Your Small Business

Covid-19 pandemic affected everything – livelihood of the people, way of life, and even the country’s economy. OFWs were also heavily affected. Many Filipinos abroad were sent back since their companies reduced workforce, temporarily closed, or decided to shut down to minimize losses. A lot of Filipinos who were about to go to their country destination were unable to leave due to travel restrictions.

As a result, OFWs and their families are constantly looking for means to survive.

The government offered financial aid but let’s face it, not everyone can get some help. Even if you qualified for the cash assistance programs, what you’ll get won’t be enough to help you and your family survive for the next weeks.

This is where starting your own business comes in. If you’re wondering how and where to start, then let this post guide you.

Know What To Sell

This is the first thing you need to identify first. Before you get into selling, you need to establish what to sell first.

There are many things you can sell but during this time of pandemic, people resort well to food. If your family could boast one dish, then don’t be afraid and offer it in the market. Or you can create your own to set your business apart from the rest.

Nonetheless, don’t limit yourself to food. Retail is also a good market where you can sell any goods. If there’s a service you can provide, then advertise that as well.

Determine The Budget

This is the next step. Even if you have the perfect product or service in mind, you need to determine how much you’re willing to shell out for this business.

Keep in mind that you need to consider various expenses such as business permits, renovation of the place, or rent. Include this in your budget planning to check if you can start a business while minimizing loss.

If you can, then get a business partner. This will divide everything including budget and responsibilities. Just make sure that you trust the person completely since good relationship is a must.

Find Your Sources

Now that you identified what to sell and determined how much your budget is, it’s time to find your sources.

This is also crucial. There are several sellers that offer a particular raw material so make sure you go to someone who offers the most affordable price. It will take time but scouting for the the most affordable products will give you more flexibility when it comes to your pricing. You might even offer the lowest price in the market.

Make Sure You’re Registered

BIR reminded online sellers to register their businesses and file income taxes if applicable.

Government agencies or entities that you need to apply to for permits are:

  • DTI for business name
  • SEC for partnership entities
  • BIR for tax purposes
  • Local government or respective for the business permits

It’s better to comply with them early on to avoid issues.

Sell Your Products

How do you plan to sell your products? Having a space could help because it helps boost your legitimacy as a seller. Because of the pandemic, not many people are willing to go out and prefer doing their thing online.

Therefore, the easiest way to sell your products is through social media. Facebook and Instagram are effective platforms so make sure to capitalize on that. Don’t forget to take really good, captivating photos to entice your would-be customers.

Are you ready to start your business? It may be small for now but with the right mindset, proper care and attention, and good service to your customers, this will eventually get big.

Looking For A New Job In The Time Of Pandemic

Losing a job is one of the many concerns affecting millions of Filipinos here and overseas. Many OFWs are also repatriated, with the repatriation count more than 50,000. As much as you want to continue with your employment overseas, most countries still have restrictions to limit the arrival of non-citizens.

What do you do now? How do you go from here? What can you do to ensure that your family still has food on the table and bills will be paid at the end of the day?

Since your overseas employment is affected, you have no choice but to look for available options in the Philippines. You may not be earning the same amount of money from working abroad but this could help you get through the tough times.

Below are tips and tricks that will help as you look for a new job – for now:

Tip No. 1: Ask your recruitment agency.

The truth is the opportunities for overseas employment are still there. In fact, many legitimate recruitment agencies continuously post job openings for various countries like Taiwan, Qatar, and UAE.

Contact your preferred agency or look into their website or social media pages to see their job openings. If a job fits your skills. then apply for it. Submit your application online and who knows, you might be able to work again.

Tip No. 2: Look into job database websites.

Apart from the recruitment agency, several job database websites regularly post job openings. Take a look into that as well since there might be a job that is suitable to your skills.

Again, the pay may be less than what you are earning abroad but a job in the Philippines is better than nothing. Explore your options. Don’t forget to update your resume and include latest work experience as well as any trainings you had.

Tip No. 3: Consider online work.

If going out of the house for work doesn’t sound pleasant to you, then try online work.

Online jobs are in demand these days. Take advantage of that and apply to jobs that caters to your skills. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to go out and increase your risk of getting the virus. Everything will be done online, so make sure you also have a stable Internet connection if you will consider this option.

Tip No. 4: Use your connection.

Not all employment opportunities are posted on job database. Some are referral from friends, neighbors, or even relatives.

Now that you’re in the country, why not tap your circle? Ask around if they know someone who might need your skills and experience? They could also refer you to their company in case there are job openings. Of course, you still have to apply but at least, your chances are higher since you were referred by someone from the company itself.

This is why it is important that you maintain a good relationship with anyone. Avoid confrontations or burning bridges with someone. You’ll never know when you’ll need them.

Tip No. 5: Create your own work.

Or another option would be to start your own employment.

The government has several financial assistance programs for OFWs. Take advantage of that and use it to help you grow your money.

Starting an online business now is easier and more convenient because of the available platforms. Utilize those platforms to your advantage. It’s okay to start small because with consistency and hard work, you might be able to grow your business.

The point is don’t give up. It seems like there is a limitation to possibilities but eventually, this pandemic will be over. You will get through this.