7 Signs You Should Leave Your Job Overseas

They say OFW life is not for everyone. That could be true. Can you just imagine battling with homesickness and living in a foreign country you’ve never been to?

Being an OFW requires tons of sacrifices – starting from the application process to adjusting to your new life overseas. Even going back home can be stressful as well, especially if you cannot present the required documents.

Nonetheless, there are instances that tell you that it’s time to go home even without finishing your contract. As much as it hurts to leave early, you have no choice.

Here are signs that tell you that you need to leave your job:

Sign No. 1: You Are Sickly

There is a reason why employers require medical exam. They need to know that you are physically fit to handle the job. Otherwise, your application will be rejected.

If you notice that you are becoming sickly up to the point where you cannot fulfill your job properly, then it’s probably best to go home. Your employer will most likely terminate your contract since you are not physically fit for the job.

Sign No. 2: Your Mental Health Is Suffering

Aside from being physically fit, OFWs must also be mentally fit.

Being away from your family could take a toll in your mental health. Some might be depressed, will experience homesickness, or will get paranoid. While it’s normal to be sad and feel worried, what employers don’t like is when these emotions are taking a toll on the job.

Perhaps, OFW life is not for you.

Sign No. 3: You Experience Abuse

This is a serious situation. Abuse, in whatever form, is and will never be tolerated. This could mean verbal abuse, bullying,

If you experience abuse from your employer or even your co-employees, then it’s best to go home. Make sure you coordinate with the Philippine Embassy since they have a Repatriation Program that helps distressed Filipinos into going back home.

Sign No. 4: You Were Scammed

Sometimes, it’s not your employer’s fault as to why you need to go back home. Sadly, illegal recruitment is still prevalent and if you happen to be a victim, you need to consider going back to the Philippines.

First, illegal recruitment is prohibited by law. Second, this would mean that you are an undocumented OFW. If the officials in the country where you’re working finds out that you don’t have legitimate papers, then consequences will follow. Some will put you in jail while others may have you deported.

The bottom line is be more careful and vigilant. Pay extra attention to the agency you are dealing with and check its status in the POEA website to see if it is a legitimate and licensed recruitment agency.

Sign No. 5: You Don’t Have Enough Opportunity For Growth

Surely, you don’t want to do the same things over and over. As much as possible, you want to improve and get better in your chosen career path.

But if you notice that you’ve been doing the same job, or you’re not given the opportunity to showcase your skill, or your voice doesn’t matter, or there is limited room for improvement and growth, then it’s time for a check.

Perhaps, there is a different path somewhere around the world where you will be able to thrive and showcase who you are.

Sign No. 6: The Salary Is Not Enough

Let’s face it. The real reason why you sought greener pastures outside the country is because of the amount of money you will make. You have tons of responsibilities and you want to make sure that you will be able to do something about those.

But if you are not being properly compensated considering your skills or work experience, or your employer is stripping your benefits despite what was written in the employment contract, the maybe it’s best to leave your job abroad.

Know your worth because you deserve fair compensation.

Sign No. 7: You Want A Career Change

Here’s the thing about being an adult: sometimes, you still cannot figure out what you want. You’ll only learn about what you really need when you are tasked to do something and you realized that you weren’t happy. You want to try something new because you need not only bigger pay but also the opportunity to try something new.

Plus, you’re getting bored with your job and everything seems like a routine to you. In that case, you need to figure it out what you really want.

Given these signs, do you need to leave your job overseas? Only you can answer that.

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