How To Get A Police Clearance Online

Pandemic resulted to many things, including your job overseas. Now that you’re back home, you are now looking for means to sustain you and your family’s needs. This means you’re back to job hunting.

Part of local employment is submitting tons of requirements, including police clearance. This pre-employment requirement is crucial because police clearance is a document that proves that the person has NO criminal or derogatory record based on the Philippine National Police Database.

Police Clearance is also valid for six months and comes with a unique QR code, which signifies authenticity.

Here’s some good news: you don’t need to line up, apply for a police clearance, and wait for an hour to get it. Through their website, you can now schedule an appointment and pay for the fees online. Unfortunately, the system does not support – yet – full online application. This means you still need to go to your chosen police station to get your biometrics and photo.

Nonetheless and to avoid the possibility of spreading of the virus, here’s how you can apply online.

Step 1: Prepare all your requirements.

Two valid IDs are needed when applying for a police clearance. These IDs must be original, not expired, and contains your name, clear photo, and signature.

Acceptable IDs include:

  • OFW ID
  • Passport
  • Philhealth ID
  • TIN ID
  • Voter’s ID
  • Driver’s License
  • Postal ID

In case you can only present one ID, make sure you can provide a Certified True Copy of your Birth Certificate, preferably with original receipt.

Step 2: Register

Once you prepared all the documentary requirements, it’s time to register for an account with National Police Clearance System.

Also known as NPCS, this website provides online services to Filipinos to streamline and make application easier.

To register, visit the NPCS website, which you can also access here.

Click Register. The next screens will show Terms and Conditions. Make sure to read through each slide, check the boxes, and then click Next. On the last slide, click I Agree.

Thereafter, fill in the required details. Make sure that your email address is active and you know the password to be able to log in since this will be used to communicate with you.

After registration, check the confirmation message sent to your email address to verify your account. Then, click the verification link.

Step 3: Edit Your Profile

Sign in to your online account using your registered email address and password.

Once you logged in, click the Edit Profile and fill in the necessary details. Make sure that you click the Save Profile button.

Step 4: Online Appointment

After editing your profile, it’s time to set an appointment.

To do this, click Clearance Application button. Then, choose the nearest police station where you can get your police clearance. After, you will see the available schedules. Choose your desired schedule and then click Next.

To confirm your appointment, click Land Bank of the Philippines and then Save Appointment.

Take note that payment details will be displayed thereafter. Take note of these details, especially the reference number since you will use this for payment of police clearance.

Step 5: Payment

This is the limitation of this service. After setting an online appointment schedule, the rest must be done face-to-face.

At this point, you need to pay for the police clearance fee amounting to P160.00, which includes both the clearance fee of P150 and transaction fee of P10.

If you pay through Gcash, then input your Gcash account number in the LBP ePayment portal. Thereafter, it will display transaction details and payment summary.

If you prefer more convenience, then you can also pay through 7/11. Here’s how:

  • In the LBP ePayment portal, click Cash Payment and then click Submit.
  • Choose 7-Eleven as your payment channel and then click Proceed. Make sure that you copy the payment reference number and then pay it using 7-Eleven’s CliQQ mobile app. Make sure that you have a registered account with CliQQ to proceed.
  • Login to your CliQQ account. Choose Government from the list of billers.
  • Choose MYEGPH from the options. Then, enter the Reference Number, mobile number, and amount. Take note that for the amount, it should be P180.00 since the transaction or convenience fee is P30.00
  • Then, click Confirm. A bar code will be shown, which you will use when paying for your police clearance through the nearest 7/11 branch.

Step 6: Scheduled Appearance

Head to the police station on the day of your scheduled appointment. Make sure to bring two valid IDs, reference number from the NPCS website, and official receipt of the payment of Police Clearance. Present these documents to the officer-in-charge.

Thereafter, you will go through biometrics capture and then have your photo and signature taken.

Verification process will follow where the police officer will check your records on the PNP database. Don’t worry since this will only take minutes. Once ready, your name will be called to pick up your Police Clearance.

What happens if you have a hit?

In that case, you will have to undergo another verification process. Once this is settled, you can get your Police Clearance.

This is a good step towards automation and making everyone’s lives easier. Sadly, they cannot do away with the face-to-face because of he biometric processes but nevertheless, this is an improvement of service.

In the meantime, take advantage of this service.

6 Financial Decisions You Need To Avoid In The New Normal

Since the start of the lockdown in March, one cannot help but feel anxious about what will happen in the future. All of a sudden, you can’t do the things you normally do – go on a vacation, have a quick trip to the mall or grocery, going out with your family, attending parties with friends, and the list goes on. There are uncertainties in terms of job security or continuing your kids’ education.

This is why at this point, you need to be more careful and wise when it comes to how you will spend your money. Handling your finances could make or break your financial stability, which means you need to think twice – or thrice! – when it comes to these financial decisions:

Starting A Business

Starting your own business is fine. But if you will start a business that could possibly deplete your cash on hand, then you need to think twice if this is a best decision.

It is best to start small first and see where it goes. Using your Emergency Fund to fund your business is not the wisest decision at this point because you need to be prepared for eventualities.

Also, don’t give up on finding a new job in case you are one of the thousands who were sent back home because of the pandemic. While having a side business is okay, looking for a stable employment could help you weather the rainy days.

Hoarding Essentials

Compared to March and April 2020, going to the grocery now is easier because you don’t have wake up early and wait to go through horrendous lines.

That being said, there is no need to hoard. You don’t have to worry about the supply of goods because you will never run out. Stick to your budget because you will still need your cash to pay for other things, say utility bills.

Impulse Purchase

E-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee have been hosting monthly sales to entice people to buy. While there are tons of good deals up for grabs, this doesn’t mean it’s your license to buy whatever you want.

Sure, you deserve good things, too, but at this point, it is best to stick to essentials. Focus on the items that you will need at home and look for deals related to that. This way, you can enjoy more savings , which you can use to other equally important expenses.

Riding The Bandwagon

If you noticed in social media, #plantita and #plantito are everywhere. You will also see new food offerings that will definitely make you drool. There are also viral recipes or hobbies that entice you to do at home.

Before you join, check on your wallet first. Doing what others are doing just because is not advisable. Taking out a loan just to fund that new hobby is also not recommended.

Unless you are passionate about what is uso, use your time and money wisely. Go for something that will benefit you and your family more.

Taking Out Loans

Loans can be helpful. It gives you a breathing room to spend money, assuming that you will use it for a good cause. But if you will apply for a loan just to finance non-essentials or purchases that can wait, then you might want to think twice.

Applying for a loan means you need to pay interest on top of the principal. You need to take note of the due date, too, otherwise, you will be forced to pay penalty fee.

Therefore, think twice before you apply. Otherwise, you might end up in a pile of debt if you keep taking out loans just for the sake of borrowing.

Withdrawing Investments

Investments are meant to last long. In fact, you will enjoy the earnings more if you leave your money.

It’s a different case if you’ll withdraw your investment. Aside from the early termination fee, you might compromise the possible earnings and growth of your money. Unless you really need it, say payment for medical bills or tuition fee of your kids, keep your money first.

These are uncertain and challenging times but it is not an excuse to make impulsive decisions that could compromise your financial standing. Limit your spending to essentials, set up a budget, get rid of unnecessaries, and look for additional ways to earn money.

Hang in there and soon, we will be back to what we used to be.