5 Signs You Are a Financially Literate Person

Financial literacy is something FIlipinos are lacking. Despite the advent of technology and Internet wherein information is easier to get, not many Filipinos are familiar with terms like “stock market,” “investment,” or “bonds.”

This is why both the government and private institutions are pushing for financial literacy programs to educate millions of people on how to handle money wisely.

This program is called PiTaKa, a partnership among BSP, OWWA, and BDO Foundation that provides financial literacy program to departing OFWs. In fact, this is mandatory and part of the PDOS program.

Do you really need it? Do you really have to be a financially literate person? The answer is yes, especially if you want to be wise about your money and handling finances. In fact, below are signs that you are financially literate:

Sign No. 1: Budgeting is part of your priorities.

It’s challenging to draw a line between needs and wants, especially when you are miles away from your family. Even if you want to save, you can’t help but give in to their demands just to wash away the guilt.

Still, being a financially literate person means you can identify what you really need from wants and capriciousness. You know what needs to be prioritized and you stick to it.

Sign No. 2: You have an Emergency Fund AND separate savings account.

One of the most common mistakes committed by OFWs is not saving enough during the rainy days. As a result, you end up borrowing money from friends, co-workers, and even loan sharks just to cover for those unforeseen expenses.

Being financially literate means you know the difference between Emergency Fund and Savings Account. You know that Emergency Fund will be used only, well, during emergencies. The amount should be able to sustain you and your family for at least three months in case something happens.

Then, there’s savings account, wherein you deposit and get money for you and your family’s needs. This should also be prioritized but unlike the Emergency Fund, you can get money from here when the situation calls for it.

Sign No. 3: You invest your money wisely.

Savings account is not enough if you want to live comfortably despite not working overseas. You know how to invest money and where to invest it.

The good news is you can start investing your money even for as low as P10,000. Explore your options and choose the investment option most suitable for you. Don’t forget to diversify your investment.

Sign No. 4: You can handle debts responsibly.

It’s okay to have debts. Sometimes, you need to get one especially on certain purchases like house or car. The challenge now is how do you handle these debts.

A financially literate person knows how to handle debts responsibly and wisely. You should be able to manage payments regularly and avoid missing payments. This way, debts won’t negatively affect your credit score.

This goes back to your budgeting skills wherein you allot a certain portion of your salary for debt repayment.

Sign No. 5: You set not just short but also long-term goals.

You cannot work overseas forever. At one point, you have to go back to the Philippines and look for means that will sustain you and your family.

That being said, a financially literate person has already set both short and long term goals that you plan to achieve. This serves as your guide to encourage you to work harder and save more.

Which among these signs do you possess? Don’t worry. It’s not too late to have a change of heart and action.

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