Understanding the Role of Co-Maker When Applying for a Loan

Have you tried applying for a loan? As a rule, the applicant is the principal borrower where the loan will be coursed through, unless otherwise stated.

Let’s say that you are already 60 years old or you have unstable income at the time you applied for a loan. Lending companies don’t discriminate based on age or the income bracket you belong to, but they will require you to have a co-maker, preferably your sibling or child above 18 years, to apply for a loan and improve your chances of approval.

What is a co-maker? What are the responsibilities of being a co-maker? Will he or she be liable to pay for the loan too? Read on to find out.

Understanding Co-Maker a Little Bit Better 

By definition, co-maker is a person who, by virtue of contract, promises to pay the loan of another in case of default. He or she is often used when you apply for a collateral loan and when the borrower is unable to meet certain credit criteria such as age or insufficient proof of income. By having a co-maker, you can increase the amount of loan and boost chances of approval, especially if the co-maker is in good credit standing and has sufficient income.

As a co-maker, he or she does not receive or benefit from the proceeds of the loan. Nonetheless, one is responsible in ensuring that the full amount of the loan including interests are paid.

Assuming that you defaulted payment and your co-maker was made to pay the loan. Does he or she have any right of reimbursement from you? The answer is yes. The co-maker can demand reimbursement from the principal borrower for all the payments made in relation to the loan.

Co-Borrower versus Co-Maker

Don’t mistake co-maker with co-borrower. The nature may be the same, but a co-borrower is more common on non-collateral loan and often billed to pay for the monthly loan amortization in case the principal failed to make any payment.

In other words, the obligation to pay commenced at the start of the loan and has benefitted from the proceeds.

Various Reasons Why You Need a Co-Maker:

  • To assure lenders that the loan will be paid no matter what happens
  • Get a higher loanable amount
  • Improve chances of loan approval despite limited to no income or low-value collateral
  • Gain the lender’s trust, which could potentially improve your credit standing
  • Additional assistance to pay the loan amortization
  • Prevent foreclosure of your property in case you are unable to pay your loan

The key is to choose a co-maker that has a stable source of income and with good credit standing. Unfortunately, not everyone are willing to be a co-maker. Even if someone can back you up to pay for your loan, make sure to do everything that you can to fulfill your loan obligations and don’t pass the burden to someone.

Check out this reminder to the public posted by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas regarding being a co-maker.

241 Replies to “Understanding the Role of Co-Maker When Applying for a Loan”

  1. Can a co-maker file a legal case like estafa to a borrower he/she co signed for in case the borrower run from his/ her obligation? Given the co maker has the documents of the signed agreement with lender and documents of payments settled by original borrower and payments deducted to co maker due to borrowers irresponsibility?

      1. how if the co-maker is a husband of the borrower, is such filing of demand for collection still applicable? given that they are no longer in good terms? (I asked this question considering conjugal ties)

        1. Hello Jing. Filing a collection case against the husband may not be allowed by the court because of the kind of relationship involved. To be honest, this is a tricky situation that requires further details so that proper advice will be given. It is also best to consult a lawyer regarding this matter. Thanks!

      2. Hi Lara, Can i ask something regarding the lending. What if your co-maker also apply a loan. Both of you apply for loan. And both of you received the total let say 150,000 and the co-maker loan is 120,000 and for the borrower is 30,000 only. And i ask for the agency for the breakfown of monthly payment. But the only one who paid is the borrower the total amount of the monthly that agency gave but including the co-maker. Lets say my loan is 30,000 so i will pay every month like 4,700. And the co-maker didin’t comit here monthly payment. So what i will about this case? Thank you and God Bless.

        1. Hi Ruel! Please confirm payment arrangement and loan terms with your lender. Baka po kasi ang nangyari, co-maker kayo ng isa’t isa kaya po ganyan. Salamat.

    1. Hi po. Actually i applied for a loan sa oro savings coop bank. But i still have remaining balance na hindi ko nabayaran. Aftr how many months, nagpadala na sila ng letter, calls and even text. Hindi ko nman sinasagot kasi natatakot ako for the reason na wala talaga akong pangbayad kasi jobless ako. Second, im afraid kasi sabi nila last warninh na and they will bring this to court. Doon sa loan ko, may co maker nman. Pero i dont knw how it progresses na kasi jobless na ako.
      Tanong ko lang, pwede ba akong makulong? Wala po kasi akong trabaho.

      1. HI Neil. As a rule, no one can be imprisoned for non-payment of debt. Still, a collection case may be filed against you for non-payment despite repeated warnings and demand letters. What the coop bank could do is to look into your assets and have it foreclosed to cover for your loan. We highly suggest that you look for ways to pay off the loan para hindi ma-foreclose ang assets ninyo.

      2. Hey. Can my company deduct my salary even i didn’t sign as a co-maker to my ex-work mate. I’m the one who let her work on the company that im working right now so that’s their reason to deduct the loan to my salary. Is that right? Can i sue them for what they do?

        1. Hi there! If you are not responsible for a loan made by your co-workers, then the company is not allowed to deduct from your salary. You can file a case to your HR or Legal department regarding this since you are not obligated to answer for your former workmate’s financial obligation.

  2. May tanong poh sana ako, actually I need a legal advise. Yung asawa ng kuya ko loaned sa city savings bank, and my kuya signed as a co-maker, I think they have annual dues and she is forcing my brother to pay 25k (they are no longer in good terms). Ang sabi poh ng kuya ko that he was only told to sign as a witness, he was not able to read the content of the contract, in which he was promised that the bank will be explaining the stipulations of the contract. My own understanding of this article is that a Co-Maker has to be financially stable and capable to be fit of becoming a co-maker? to increase the chance of approval and to assure the lenders that they will get paid? In my brothers case poh kasi, at the time that he was asked by her wife to sign the contract, he was JOBLESS. He also DO NOT HAVE ANY EMPLOYMENT ID’s in which, i think, was one of the requirements para mag co-maker? and he also DID NOT HAVE ANY PAY SLIP at that time kasi wala poh syang trabaho, and again i think a payslip is a requirement to become a co-maker? Any thoughts for this please?

    1. Hi Jansen. The co-maker is a good way to help borrowers get a loan approval. Nonetheless, hindi ibig sabihin mapupunta sa co-maker ang funds nor ask to pay for the loan every month. Magbabayad lamang ang co-maker kapag hindi na makabayad ng loan ang original borrower. Once nagbayad ang co-maker ng loan, he or she can demand reimbursement from the original borrower. Unless the original borrower is unable to pay, the co-maker, which in this case your brother, cannot pay or forced to pay for the loan. I hope this helps.

    2. Hello po, may itatanong lng ako, may hinuhuugan na lupa sa isang subdivision ang kapatid ko, worth 3M plus ang naibayad nya na po 1M plus, dahil d nya po nabayaran with on 3 yrs. kaya magkakaroon ng interest ang lupang hinuhulugan nya ang Developer po ipapasok sa loan ang lupa kaso interest 5%, ang kapatad ko balak na lng i loan sa bdo which is 3% lng interest kailangan nya ng co -maker plano nya na akong kukunin ko co maker, kaya required na dw akong mag submit copy ng papers of my financial statement, contract ng mister ko since he is a ofw, ang concern ko lng po if ever nagkaroon ng problema ang kapatid ko na d mabayaran ang loan nya sa bdo bank , obligado po ba ako ang magpatuloy na magbabayad at another thing kung sakaling d ko magbabayad may karapatan po ba ang bank na forfeit ang property namin mag asawa.

      1. Hi Editha. Bilang co-maker, ikaw ay magiging responsable sa loan kung hindi makabayad ang iyong kapatid. Maaari ninyo ilagay sa kontrata kung hanggang magkano lang ang iyong babayaran sakaling hindi makabayad ang iyong kapatid. Kung walang specific amount, maaari ka i-require ng lender na magbayad ng kalahati ng amount ng loan.

  3. Hi,

    Magpapatulong po sana as kung sino Ang may maise-share na info.

    Paano Kaya pwede magbigay ng info sa mga banks na pinag applyan ng sis in law ko regarding her credit standing? napilit niya Kasi Ang hubby ko na kapatid niya na mag co-maker for her car loan na Hindi ko pinayagan but still nakuha Ang requirements. online Ang source of income Ng sis in law ko which is VERY RISKY. Her work is not even with an online company but nafta transcribe Lang CIA for a doc in australia. That job can virtually disappear the next day due to its nature and I’m afraid that we will end up paying for her monthly.

    Gusto ko sana pigilan Ang application while in process. Nag a apply CIA as lahat like security bank, UCPB, BDO. Ipinipilit talaga. Please help.

    1. Hi Joyce. We’re sorry to hear that you’re caught up in this situation. The best that you can do is to call the banks directly and ask for the status of the loan application. We’re not sure kung ano ang magiging process ng banks regarding this since nag-agree and nag-sign ang husband mo as a co-maker. In case the loan is approved and you ended up paying for your sister-in-law’s amortization, you may demand reimbursement from her.

  4. hi po.
    magtatanong lang po ako about being a co-maker. nagapply po ng loan yung housemate and ako yung ginamit na co-maker. tinawagan na po ako nung lending company dahil na-defaul yung isang cheque niya.
    may right po ba akong tumawag sa lending company to ask about the loan itself, like how much yung entire loan amount, term ng loan, how much monthly payment required from her as a co-maker?
    salamat po

    1. Hi Rose. As a co-maker, you will be responsible for the loan of the principal borrower in case hindi po siya makabayad. Yes, it’s okay to call the lending company since you have the right to know kung ano ang terms ng loan.

  5. Hi, ask ko lang po if ever comaker lang po ako sa pag ibig, makakakuha parin po ba ako ng sarili kong loan if ever mag decide ako kumuha ng house? may kinuha kasi kaming house before ng ex ko. tapos naghiwalay naman din po kami. wala naman pong nadededuct sa pag ibig ko. pero gusto ko lang po malaman if may impact po ba un sa pagibig loans ko sa future. and pag tapos na nya bayaran un house or if di nya ituloy ang pagbayad sa house pano po ako. salamat

    1. Hi Angel. As a co-maker, you will only be responsible for the loan if the principal borrower cannot pay for the amortization. Wala naman siya effect kung gusto niyo po mag-apply ng Housing Loan or any other loan, especially if tapos na niya bayaran ang loan with PAG-IBIG. If hindi niya nabayaran, that means ikaw po ang magbabayad ng existing balance.

      1. Hi. Mag follow up question lang po ako dito. Same scenario. Yung gf ko is gagawin kong co-borrower sa house loan ko (Bank Finance) now, natatakot sya na baka di na sya maapprove sa sarili nyang house loan pag kumuha sya in the future. Baka daw kase makita na may existing loan and co-borrower sya. Sigurado naman ako na makakabayad its just that, need ng malaking income para maapprove. It will be a big help po to get a response from you. Salamat.

      2. Hi!
        I have a question lang po. My husband and I will apply for a home loan in the bank, technically i will be the comaker since he will be the principal borrower. But since our source of income is coming from our company which could be considered as 1 income lang, can we have another comaker example my sister? Will the bank allow my sister to be comaker also? Thank you so much!

        1. Hello Chris! Does the bank require co-maker pa po? There is no specific rule in choosing co-makers, so it could be anyone that is financially capable and responsible 🙂

    1. Hi Agenthush, we don’t recommend that since a collection case could be filed against borrower and co-maker in case of non-payment of financial obligation.

  6. Hello po,

    Question, my partner applied for a home loan and tagged me as a co-maker, what if po I have a bad credit na before? Affected po ba yung loan application ng partner ko which is the principal borrower?Di ko po ba dapat iproceed yung pag submit ko na application as co-maker?


    1. Hi Lei! As a rule, the co-maker should have good credit standing since ikaw ang makakatulong upang ma-approve ang loan application ni principal borrower 🙂 If naayos naman po ang bad credit, then no issue na since settled naman na ang obligation 🙂

      1. Hi! If on-going pa po ang payment sa unsettled credit card with the collection company, i-approve pa din po ba ang application with car loan ng husband ko? Co-maker po kase ako.

  7. Hi good morning i have a question kasi nag loan kami ng kaibigan ko december 2016 tapos po nung nagsabi ako sa friend ko na magbayad kami kasi takot din ako. Then bigla nalamg syang naglaho parang bula hindi ko na din nabasa ang nasa contract nun time na pumirma kami kasi nagmaadali sya na approve kami kaagad kasi dahil both sides may work…
    Pwede po ba na bayaran ko lang ang aking nahiram
    Thank you po

    1. Hi Morril! Depende po kasi ito sa arrangement ninyo. If joint, then you are only responsible for your portion of the loan. If solidary, the loan is treated as one, which means babayaran mo po ang buong loan. Salamat po!

  8. May tanung po ako.. pumirma ako bilang co-maker last year april 2017 at hanggang ngayon nalaman kong hindi pa natapos ang loan at napag alaman ko din na nagdag dag pa ang principal debtor ang ni inilagay nya sa loan contract nang wala akong alam..dapat sana natapos na yon kasi mag one year na.. obligado pa rin ba po ako mgbayad as a co maker ?

    1. Hi Alvin! Since you are just a co-maker, you are not required to pay for the loan. Magbabayad ka lang po in case mag-default sa payment ang principal debtor.

      1. good day po mam lara ano pong ibig sabihin “mag default sa payment ang principal debtor”? co-maker din po kasi ako last 2016 at hanggang ngayon hindi pa binabayaran ni principal borrower yung utang niya po. nasa abroad po ako ngayon at ang principal borrower din po labas pasok sa pinas. sinabi po ng lending dapat po akong magbayad dahil nagmamatigas ang principal debtor at once na ipasa na nila ang case sa korte pwede po daw akong mapapauwi. obligado po ba talaga kaming co-maker na magbayad ? just in case puro kasinungalingan ang principal debtor na walang trabaho daw kaso meron naman po

        1. Hi Lezah. Default means hindi po makabayad ang principal debtor or borrower. In case hindi makabayad, as a co-maker, you will be liable to pay for the loan po. Please consult po a lawyer regarding legal actions since they are more familiar sa mga ganitong situations. We dont want to give wrong advice din po. Salamat.

  9. if the borrower already paid for his loan, then the co maker applied to renew it without the knowledge of the borrower, is it possible that the lending company will issue money to the co maker???

    1. Hi Princess! The co-maker cannot renew the loan without the borrower’s knowledge UNLESS the co-maker applied for a new loan. Since in this case, paid na ang loan, then there’s nothing to renew. it is possible also that the co-maker applied for a new one instead.

  10. Hi there, Question po, Ask ko po na if ever ma bayaran ko na ung Loan ko po sa bank, pag kukunin ko na po ba ung title ng property nandon po ba ung name ni comaker sa title?

  11. Hello po.
    Pano po kung auto loan
    I am co maker
    Nalaman ko nalang po na naisurrender na ng principal buyer ang sasakyan kasi Hindi n nya ito mabayaran

    Tinawagan ko po ung car loan para ako nalang ang magpatuloy
    Sabi nila it’s not possible anymore since na surrender na s knila ung car.

    How will this affect me as a co maker?
    What if I am the principal buyer na of my own someday?

    How long to clear the name of the co maker sa kasalanang d naman ginawa

    1. Hi Matte! As a co-maker, you have no right on the proceeds of the loan. Since na-surrender na yung car, your role as a co-maker ceases as well. Usually naman, this won’t affect your credit standing when it’s your turn to apply na. Hope this helps.

  12. Hi po. Tanong lang po. Meron po akong loan pero na default po kasi ako. And meron po akong co-maker. Sa ngayon po kasi, may harassment na pong nangyayari sa pag collect ng lending company. Ang gusto ko po sana, ma waive na ang co-maker ko kasi nakakahiya po sa kanya. Ano pong pwedeng gawin para ako nalang po ang sisingilin or sampahan nila ng case? Para hindi na po madamay co-maker ko. Gustuhin ko man pong bayaran lahat ang utang ko pero mahirap po kasi na ang 37K balance ko ay naging 200K na kaya po masyado po akong nahihirapan magbayad. Pero ang sa akin lang po, sana ako nalang ang i-file ng case or makipag agree with the lending company, wag na po sana ang co-maker ko.

    1. Hi Maya! So sorry to hear about this, but that’s the risk a co-maker will have to experience in case hindi makabayad ang principal borrower. I suggest you talk to the lender to come up with a loan repayment arrangement and para hindi na ma-burden ang naging co-maker. This way, maiiwasan din ang pag-file ng case. Hope this helps!

  13. Hi po. My uncle wants me to be his co-maker. Complete requirements naman na po ako. Medyo malaki po kasi yung illoan nya. As a co-maker, what if in the future hindi nya po mabayaran yung loan nya? Ako po ba ang obligado magbayad nun? At home based job lang po ako. Worry po kasi ako, baka masira yung pangalan ko in case pag nagloan ako in the future hindi na ako maka loan,. Or in worst case baka makulong ako dahil hindi ko po kayang bayaran yung loan. Thank you.

    1. Hi Mei! Yes, you will be required by the bank to pay for the loan since that is the role of the co-maker. Don’t worry. Wala naman po nakukulang sa utang unless may violation of other laws like issuance of bouncing checks. Nonetheless, it could affect your credit history din po since magrereflect kayo as co-maker.

  14. Hi I currently have auto loan with ucpb, it was approved however my comaker cannot provide the ff up requirement of TIN number because the employer was unable to generate a tin number for him.. Even if we got the car already if we cant provide the tin number of my comaker will that be a problem? will they disapprove it and take the car?

    1. Hi Jameson! This shouldn’t be a problem since co-maker lang po siya. The bank cannot cancel the auto loan since it was already approved. Pero baka po magkaroon ng issues with the bank’s internal audit since may lacking requirement, so we suggest po that your co-maker gets a TIN. You can apply naman po for one-time TIN with BIR kung kinakailangan talaga 🙂 Hope this helps!

  15. Hi I’m abroad so I let my sister to be the borrower of car loan and I’m a co maker. If I’m coming home is there any chance that I can change the borrower under my name and she will be the co maker?

    1. Hi Jaja! We’re not sure if the bank will allow that. Maybe you’ll need to execute new loan documents to make it seem that you will assume the car loan and become the principal borrower. Please confirm with your lender on what to do regarding the change of borrower since they could have specific rules for that. Thanks!

  16. Hi ask ko lang po . Me and my partner nag apply ng car loan tapos ako ginawang co- maker kahit jobless po ako na approve ng bank yung loan namin. Ngayon po yung partner ko nsa ibang bansa na tapos pina take over namin yung car loan namin sa friend nya so kinuha naman po ng friend nya at sila nagpatuloy ng monthly at nagkapirmahan napo sila ng mga papers like assumption agreement, Deed of sale at autorization letter para sa bagong owner. Ngayon po gusto na nilang isurrender yung car sa bank , may pananagutan poba ako dun ?

    1. Hi Shayne! Wala naman po since your role is a co-maker at hindi principal borrower. Magkakaroon po kayo ng responsibility kung hindi na mabayaran ang car loan.

      1. Good day maam lara what if young co maker ai hindi nya e binabayad ang padalang pera? Involve paren po ba sa case ang lender?

        1. Hi Dorothy. The lender will demand payment for the loan obligation. As to hindi pagbabayad, labas ang lender since this is between the principal borrower and co-maker.

  17. Hi may I ask po Kung maging co maker ang asawa ko ay hindi na nakabayad ng car loan yun principal sinurrender yun car babayaran pa rin ba ang remaining balance kung sakaling nabatak po. Paano po in case namatay thank you

    1. Hi Christine! Kung nabatak na po ang car, yun na po ang sasagot sa lahat ng remaining balance sa loan. Magiging liable lamang ang principal kung hindi sapat ang amount ng sasakyan to fulfill the loan obligation.

  18. hi, question lng po. my wife had a bad credit in her credit card which she ddnt pay 4 yeras ago before we get married. now we are married and planning to get a home loan. does it affect our loan approval if i make her the co-buyer?

    1. Hi Ira! Unfortunately, yes, the unpaid credit card will reflect in her credit score, which could also affect your loan application. We suggest that you settle this first since hindi po agad nabubura ang bad credit. Thanks!

  19. Hi gud eve po, tanong kopo sana hal po kumuha ng car loan asawa ko na approved po siya sa bank at ako po co borrower niya. Tapos sa bank na kung saan na approved po ako ay may utang po ako sa credit card almost 10 years na po pag po kaya natapos na yung car loan po irerelease po kaya nila yung OR CR po nag alala po ako baka kasi makita nila yung credit card na utang ko at ipapabayad nila muna bago i bigay po OR CR. Maraming salamat po

    1. Hi! Yung existing credit card loan will reflect na po mismo, which means makikita agad ito ng bangko. Pwede po ito makaapekto sa car loan application. Pero kung na-approve naman ang loan, hindi naman po pwede hindi ibibigay ang OR/CR since kailangan po ninyo ito.

  20. Hi, good day.
    Ask ko lang po sana yung case ko.
    Co-maker ako ng mga kasama ko sa work sa isang private lending institution. Then, collateral po namin to loan, ay ATM card at UMID card. Now, nagfull payment na ako ng loan ko. Pero ayaw pumayag ng LI na ibalik sa akin ang cards ko dahil daw di pa fully paid mga kasama ko. Me hold pa po ba talaga sa akin ang LI kahit na wala na akong utang sa kanila?
    Kasunduan namn namin ay collateral ko sa sarili kong loan ang mga cards at hindi ng mga kasama ko dahil andun pa rin naman sa LI ang mga carda nila.

    Second, sa kagustuhan ko na makuha ang perang laman ng UMID ko..pumayag ako sa verbal na kasunduan na iiwanan ang lahat ng cards ko sa LI, pero kukunin ko lahat ng maiiwan na pera dahil need ko gamitin. Pumayag sila nung una..pero nung pumasok na ung loan ko sa UMID..ayaw na nilang ibalik ang sukli ko. Kelangan daw muna magbayad ang mga kasama ng full loan nila.

    Before, may arrears ang mga kasama ko na mga interest, pero sinettle naman na nila un at actually nagbawas pa ung isa ng almost 25k sa principal balance niya. And active naman sila na nagbabayad ng interest nila.

    Sinikap ko na makabayad para makahinga sa utang ko sa LI pero parang walang nangyare. Hindi lang naman po ak ang comaker nila. Meron pa ring mga comakers na naiwan sa kanila at di pa nagbabayad ng principal loans.

    Sana po matulungan ninyo ako.

    1. Hi John Paul! Parang hindi po ata tama na kukunin ng lender ang inyong cards. Kahit ito ay collateral sa loan, hindi po kayo dapat pumayag na i-surrender ito dahil kayp parin po ang nagmamay-ari nito at kailangan niyo din ito in case may paggagamitan kayo ng perang laman nito.

      Gayunpaman, i-check niyo po ang terms ng loan. Kung nakalagay po doon na solidary ang responsibility, ibig sabihin “all for one, one for all,” then maaaring yun ang dahilan kung bakit ayaw nila i-release ang inyong cards.

  21. Good Day
    do the co- maker has the right not to pay the loan in any cases and that the co maker will be fired from her job if she doesnt agree to be a co maker.

    1. Hi Wallace! As a co-maker, your responsibility will only arise IF the principal is unable to pay the loan. Otherwise, hindi naman kayo required magbayad ng loan.

  22. Hi po.. Ofw po ako and planing to avail for a car loan.. My husband po has a bad credit history..will it affect our application Kahit thru in house financing ang kunin nmin?

    1. Hi Leng! All financial obligations, regardless of the nature, will reflect in your credit history. This could affect your housing loan application.

  23. Hi good pm po pwede mag ask naka hiram sa lending company ng 5k then naka bayad cguro ng 4k to 3k sa co-maker pinabayad then after 9yrs nagpadala daw po ng demand letter sa co-maker na need bayaran ang halagang 30k kung hindi daw po bibigyan na ng subpoena ang co-maker ganyan na po kalaki ang babayaran makatarungan po ba un pati po ba ang borrower kasama sa case kapag di nag bayad pero balak naman po mag bayad ang borrower nwalan lang ng contact ang co maker at borrower kaya di naka bayad salamat po sa sagot para po hindi na bigyan ng subpoena maari din po bang mag file ng case ang lending company

    1. Hi Jack, yes, the lending company can file a collection case against the borrower for non-payment of loan, regardless of the amount. Kaya din po ito lumaki because of the interest na tumatakbo per day plus penalty fee. We suggest that you coordinate with your lender para maiwasan na po ang pag-file ng kaso at mabayaran ang utang.

  24. Hi po pwede po mag tanong may demand letter po kasi galing ng lending company may naiwan na balance pa dati after 9yrs ago na 4,200 now ang gusto nila bayaran namin ang halagang 35,000 interest pero yung letter po 1yr ago na po tinawagan namin now yung head legal counsil nila naki usap kami na baka pwede naman babaan sabi cge 8k nalang daw pero sunod na week ko daw ibibigay 4k kada week sabi namin wala kaming pera na ganun sunod na week ayaw pumayag ipadala nalang daw sa remittance tas yung resibo namin email nalang daw nya kasi malayo daw samin 1hour biyahe lang naman po naka motor naman sila po sabi namin punta kami sa main nyo sa gapan ang sabi nya hindi daw yun ang main pero nung sinabi nya na kung ano address sa letter yun ang main tas sabi nga po namin punta kami bglang hindi daw po dun ang main nalito tuloy kami ano po dapat naming gawin atty salamat po sa sagot asap po

    1. Hi James! You can coordinate with the lending company para sa mas affordable way na mabayaran ang loan obligation. Kaya po talaga lumaki ng ganun ay dahil sa interest at penalty na everyday napapataw sa principal amount. Wala po tayo ibang magagawa kundi ang bayaran ang utang, kahit gaano pa ito katagal. Walang hindi nadadaan sa magandang usapan 🙂

    1. Hi Joyle! The unpaid credit card will affect your credit history, which in turn may affect the car loan of your husband. Since ongoing naman ang payment, magre-reflect naman po ito sa credit history ninyo. Depende narin po sa bangko kung paano nila tatratuhin ang loan application ninyo since sila parin po ang may last say dito 🙂

  25. Hi po. I have a question lang. My tita kasi wants to get a loan sa bank to pay for her condo and the bank won’t approve unless may co-maker. Gusto nya akong gawin co-maker kaso I’m scared. What if hindi na sya makabayad? Am I really obliged to pay the loan? She said kasi that my name will be present in the title. What if I don’t want to pay or I don’t have the capacity anymore to pay in that time. What will happen? Pwede bang i-elite nalang ng bank yung property since none of us can’t pay anymore? Will it affect my credit history?
    P.S I’m an OFW and thinking of going back in PH in the near future.

    1. Hi Debbie! As a co-maker, magkakaroon lamang po kayo ng obligation to pay if hindi na po makabayad ang principal. Although this won’t directly affect your credit history, it will reflect parin po. If nag-default na po ng payments despite repeated demands, then yes, there is a possibility na ma-foreclose ang property.

  26. Would like to inquire, kung ang isang mag asawa ay halos 15 years ng hiwalay pero hndi legally separated at naisipan ng babae na magloan sa pagibig ng bahay required pa dn ba na ang maging co borrower niya ay yung husband niya kahit hiwalay na sila? Paano kung naisip ng husband na mag loan din ng para sa knya, ma approve pa din ba kahit na pumayag siya maging co borrower?

  27. Hi po I have this problem po which is ako po ang nag co maker sa friend ko. Nag loan po siy ng 20k sa isang lending. Ngayon po 3 months na po siyang hindi pa nagbabayad. Bali napaldhan na po ako ng demand letter from the lending po. Ano po ba ang dapat kung gawin. Wala din po akong pam bayad sa utang nya dahil kapos din ako.
    And what are some good advise po para ma settle po siya?
    Kase nag mamatigas po talaga siyang magbayad.
    Please help me po. Salamat.

    1. Hi Yanie! The role of the co-maker is kung hindi makabayad ang principal, maaaring habulin ng lender ang co-maker. Maaari po kayo makipag-usap sa lender para magawan ng paraan ang pagbabayad. You can suggest flexible payment methods or longer term para kahit paunti-unti mabayaran ang financial obligation.

  28. Paano kung ang principal borrower ay hindi makabayad ng utang at ang co maker ay hi di rin kayang magbayad. Pwede po bang kunin ang anuman gamit nila sa bahay? Kaninong gamit ang kukunin nila? Ang sa principal borrower o ang gamit ng co maker?

    1. Hi! Principal borrower po ang magiging liable for default of payment. Bago pa man umabot sa ganung sitwasyon, nirerekomenda po namin na makipagusap po kayo sa inyong borrower to come up with repayment strategies ng sa gayon ay maiwasan ang foreclosure. Salamat.

  29. Magandang umaga po!Manghihinge lang po ako ng advice kung anu pwed o dapat ko po gawin? Meron po ako kaibigan na nagpatulong sa akin na mangpapahanap ng mangungutangan ngayon po tinulingan ko sya. Tas meron din po sya na kaibigan na nagpatulong tas ginarantor po nya sa akin at ako naman po tinulungan ko din po sa kaibigan ko. Nakahiram po yung friend nya ng 15,000 kapalit ATM. Araw na po ng singilan unang hulog wala po delayed po sila pinagbigyan gang sa umabot na po sa 2nd hulog wala pa din. Ang usapan po namin 4 na hulog every 15-30.tapos ang nangyari 5-25 daw,ngaun po imbis na pangalawang hulog nila last Aug 25,2018 every 15-30 na daw po ang sahod nila. At uu nga po pala yung ATM nila sablay po umpisa plng hindi na po nila binalik ung totoong atm na ginagamit nila. Tapos ngaun wala pa pong hulog ulit dapat tapos na yung utang nila last Sept.15 kaso ngayon po katapusan na po wala pa din. Anu po action ang dapt ko gawin? Kasi ako po ang naiipit sa hiniraman nila dahil ako po ang nag-garantor sa kanila.

    1. Hi Dhang! As a guarantor po, magiging responsible din po kayo for the loan kung hindi na makabayad ang principal buyer. Ibig sabihin, kayo din po ang sisingilin ng lender in case of default. Kausapin niyo po ang lender kung ano magandand gawin adjustment sa bayaran para hindi narin kayo sisingilin since hindi naman kayo nakinabang sa loan.

  30. Hello po.
    Nagapply po kc ako ng Housing loan sa MYCITIHOMES developer thru PAG IBIG po. Dahil sa minimum wage lng sahod ko need ko daw po kumuha nh co borrower ko pra maavail ko ung bahay.
    Kinuha ko po un last month August bali ngstart na po ako ng monthly payments ko ung Down payment at charges na halagang 70k payable in 6 months.
    Ang problema ko po kc unh co borrower ko, may nakalagay sa payslip nya na may mga benefits cla sa company nla pero di nman pla naghuhulog sa Pag ibig. In short self employed po ang co borrower ko sa pag ibig. May effect po ba un kpg xia kinuha ko ma co borrower? Tas ndi din cgurado kung bbigyan xia ng coe importante pa nman un. Magclose po ba account ko nun sa developer kpg once na ndi ko po nakompleto hanggang next month ang requirements ko, na ang kulang na lng COE ng vo borrower ko po? Kc ung requirements ko complete na po lht. Salamat po sa pgsagot. God bless.

    1. Hi Jennifer! The co-borrower means s/he will benefit from the proceeds of the loan. In other words, may utang talaga unlike a co-maker. if co-borrower is required, then you need to comply with it po, otherwise, it could be a ground for rejection ng housing loan.

  31. Hi po, may kamag anak po ako na ginawa ako Co- borrower/Co-maker sa Pag ibig housing loan niya, Ask ko lng po kung pwede pa akong personal na mag housing loan?How about maging Co-borrower ulit ng isa ko pang kamag anak?Salamat

    1. Hi Randolp! Being a co-maker or co-borrower won’t have an effect naman on your personal loan as long as nababayaran on time ang loan.

  32. Hi po maam ask ko lang yung pinsan ko naging co maker po sa friend niya. Tapos po hindi na po nag babayad and ang pinsan ko po ang hinahabol. Total po buhay pa po yung na ngutang. Ano po magandang gawin po kasi na ste stress ng pinsan ko.

    1. Hi Mitch! Your cousin will be responsible po talaga for the loan in case nag-default ang principal borrower. Nasaan na po ang principal borrower? Kung mako-contact ninyo ay mas mabuti upang magawan ng paraan ang loan at mabayaran ito na hindi na kailangan maapektuhan pa ang iyong pinsan.

  33. Hi, co maker po aq . Sad to say nwala n ng parang bula ang maker. Ako nag nappaldan ng letter at umabot pa na nasampahan aq ng kaso. Pero hindi po natuloy kasi ngbayad aq para sa bounce cheque. Ofw ang maker, pero umuwi n daw ng pinas kasi health issue. 2014 pa. Kaso hindi n ngbayad. Now naifile ang complaint, pero naksked anghearing, no choice daw aq kundi umatend kahit bayaran pa ung fee. Will this impact my credit ratings? Ano pwd ko gawin para nmn mabawi q ang pera na pinambyad ko sa utang ng iba. 🙁

    1. Hi MG! As a co-maker, you will be responsible once nag-default ng payment ang principal borrower. Sadly, this would reflect on your credit score. Ang habol mo po talaga is sa principal borrower na.

  34. Hi,
    If the original borrower is an ofw and sends her payment to her co-maker monthly but the co-maker just kept the money to herself and not paying the loan. Then several months of not paying due to co-makers fault demand letter was served for the collection of payment. Is there any way for the original borrower to be not included to the sue?

  35. ok lng ba na nag sign yung sister ko as co-maker sa Pag-ibig loan ng ex husband nya. Di kasi sila legally separated, kailangan ng signature nya. Kung hindi maka bayad ung ex nya, sya ba ang mag shoulder ng loan? Salamat

    1. Hi Sam! Maaari po na ang sister ninyo ang hahabulin in case of non payment. Pero there is a possibility din na kaya pinapirma ang sister mo because legally married parin siya at kailangan ng consent ng asawa.

  36. hello, i have friend who is a co-borrower, and i am her co-maker, sinabi ko po na wala akong trabaho and ung source of income ko is sa pagbebenta lang ng mga cookies at hindi din monthly, sabi ko ang benta ko 5k pero kasama na jan ung capital ng mga paninda ko, still pina pirma pa din ako, wala sinabi na kahit na ano basta lang ako pinapirma, i am jobless and have a daughter, pinipilit akong magbayad ng taga lending kahit sinabi ko wala akong pera. at sinabihan naman sila ng co-borrower na magbabayad siya, isang buwan palang po hindi nakapagbayad ang co-borrower, pero ako na itong kinukulit.. ano po ba pwede kong gawin? magffile po ba ng case ang lending pag d ako nakabayad? may contact naman po sila sa co-borrower and nagsabi naman na magbabayad siya pero ako pa din kinukulit…

    1. Hi! As a co-maker po, kayo po ang sisingilin ng lender kapag hindi po nakabayad ang principal borrower. We suggest po na makipagcoordinate po kayo sa principal borrower at sa lender kung ano po ang magandang arrangement upang mabayaran ang loan. Salamat po.

  37. Hi. Good day! I have car loan before. I am the principal and my brother is the co-maker. It was approved in 2016. But due to financial difficulty, we’re not able to continue paying its monthly amortization and decided to return the car in 2017. Right now, we are planning to apply again for a car loan. This time my father would be the principal and my brother as the co-maker again. I am just worried the bank will see the previous car loan wherein my brother was the co-maker and will it affect our application? Thank you.

    1. Hi Sachi! This could affect the application but as long as mapapakita that your father is capable of paying the car loan, then icoconsider din naman po ito ng bank. Thanks.

  38. Hi po, kumuha po yung kapatid ko ng plan sa globe and smart under my name, ngayon hindi po nabayaran but that was 4 years ago. i was applying for a salary loan today, and credit card, pero di ako naapprove, stable naman po yung income and job ko, since 5 years na ako sa company. Does previous loans from telecoms affect my bank applications? Since bank does not give reasons bakit ako narereject, paano ko kaya malalaman?

    1. Hi Jay! Maraming factors ang tinitignan kung maa-approve or mare-reject ang loan. Isa po dito ang previous financial or loan obligations, regardless po kung gaano na katagal ito. Maaaring naapektuhan nga po ang salary loan and credit card application niyo because of unpaid bills.

  39. Hi good morning. My husband is planning to apply for a car loan. He is a seaman and wanted me to become a co-maker. However, I still have a bad credit standing due to default payment of credit card. Will the approval of the car loan be affected due to my bad credit standing as a co-maker? thanks po

    1. Hi Karen! Ideally, the co-maker should be in good credit standing since the purpose is to help the principal borrower from getting an approval. So, yes, the car loan application might be affected.

      1. ok po. pero if mgbabayad ako at least minimum amount for the credit card payment, will I still have a bad credit standing/score?

  40. Hi. Just want to clarify. If a person is a co-maker of a principal borrower from an unlicensed lending company, is the co-maker liable for the money borrowed if say tinakbuhan yung borrower yung obligation niya? That said, are their remedies available for the co-maker to defend himself? Thanks

    1. Hi Ashua. This involves legal aspect and unfortunately, we cannot give legal advice since we are not lawyers. Have you considered asking a lawyer about this? 🙂

  41. Hi. May pamangking ako na kinukuha akong co-borrower pra makapag loan at makakuha ng house and lot. Iniisip ko lang, what if hindi nya na mabayaran yung house eventually? Pwede bang ipa-elite ko na lang agad? Or am I required to continue the payment kahit hnd ko naman gusto? Wala din naman me sa title.

  42. Hi karen, my mom which is 59yo applied for a car loan sa rcbc. She’s approved. However, naging comaker ang kapatid ko which happens to be an OFW who also agreed to be a co maker. Now, nagbigay kame ng SPA signed ng kapatid ko to delegate sa mom ko ang mga decisions like this nung nasa pinas siya. Now, the bank is asking for another SPA na naotarized sa country na pinagttrabahuhan ng kapatid ko. My question is, ang mom ko ang attorney-in-fact sa SPA na gagawin, manonotarize ba un sa ibang bansa even na wala ang mom ko sa bansa na un?

    1. Hello. You need to have the SPA notarized and consularized sa Philippine Embassy para maging valid and binding sa Pilipinas.

  43. Hi good day, I and my partner are planning to avail a Pag-ibig housing loan . We are both employed but not yet married. Can he apply as the principal borrower and me as his co-borrower. Is it possible?

  44. Goodafternoon, Kinuha po akong co-maker ng dati kong officemate for his personal loan sa company namin then ilang hulog palang po yung nababayaran nya eh nag AWOL sya. At first nacocontact ko pa po sya at nagsabi syang magbabayad once magkawork ulit. Then neto lang sinabihan ako ng HR namin na makakaltasan na ako for his loan at di ko na sya macontact di sya sumasagot sa calls, txt at chats ko. Ask ko lang po once na makaltsan ako dahil sa loan nya, pwede ko ba syang sampahan ng case or mag take ng legal actions dahil di sya nakikipag negotiate sa akin? Thank you

    1. Hi Iris. You can file a collection case against your officemate to reimburse whatever amount you paid for the loan he borrowed.

  45. Good day po! ask ko lang po … co-maker kase ako ng lola ko tapos nangutang sa ng 50k .. sabi nya sakin di daw ako liable na mag bayad need lang daw ng pirma ko para ma approve. So nakapag loan sa then kase pumirma ako. Di ipinaliwanag sakin kung ano ang mga yun basta pinapirma lang din ako ng merchant. DI ako aware sa mga pwedeng mangyare at kung para san ang mga yun. Pag ba di naka bayad ang lola ko? ako ba anf responsible para sa utang nya ? kahit di ako aware na loan pala yun?

  46. Hi! What if the principal borrower did not pay all his/her remaining balance and the co-maker paid all the principal’s balance but then the principal borrower doesn’t want to pay the co-maker is it possible that the co-maker can demand for that situation?

    1. Hi Jun. The co-maker may ask for reimbursement for the payment made since essentially, the co-maker is not the principal borrower.

  47. Hi po..co maker po ako sa bayaw nasa Japan po xa ..bigla nlng po along nakarecv ng msg sa lending na kakasuhan daw po kami ng bayaw ko ng bouncing check Kasi may huling dalawang bwan n di daw po nakakapagbayad Ang bayaw ko.hiwalay na Kasi Ang kapatid ko at bayaw ko Kaya ayaw narin po makipag usap samin ..Ang total po ng utang na di pa nababayaran ng bayaw ko at halos 40k malipas po ng kalahating bwan ng msg po uli Ang lending sakin na 54k n daw lahat kasam interest.pumunta po ako sa lending para magbayad ng halagang Kaya ko .nakiusap ako na Kung pede 40k nlng Kasi di qn Kaya bayarn Ang 54k Kasi inutang ko Lang din Ang 40k sa 5/6..any po ba dapat ko gawin binabayran ko na po sila gosto parin nila Ang ganun kalaki..saan po ba ako pede lumapit na ahensiya pra matulungan ako..slamt po

    1. Hi Joselyn. As a co-maker, kayo po ang magiging liable sa loan kung sakaling hindi mabayaran ng principal borrower. We suggest that you coordinate with the lender, explain the situation, and come up with a payment arrangement na mababayaran ang utang na hindi po ganun kabigat sainyo. Maaari pa lumaki ang interest at penalty fee kung hindi ito mabayaran agad. Salamat.

  48. Seasons Greetings!
    My husband and I got a carloan from BDO autoloan co-borrower nya ako. We separated a year ago and I would like to inquire if I can get a payment statement from the branch of account? Just to check if the car is still paid up to date and if co borrower pa din ba ako.
    Ano po need na d0cuments para makakuha ako ng info about the car?

    1. Hi Avril. We’re not sure po regarding the requirements ng BDO. We don’t want to give wrong info since may internal policy na po sila dyan. You can go directly po sa BDO branch kung saan po kayo nag-transact. Thanks!

  49. Hi Larra! My brother and I (both not filipino citizen already) are planning to have a (bank) car loan using our brother in the Philippines as a (main) borrower. But the problem is, he may not be legible (based on credit) as a borrower. He is a government worker earning not more than 15,000 pesos a month. It is possible for me to co-borrow/co-maker? For the present i don’t have job or job contract to show, but I have an active 2 bank accounts in the Philippines for 9 years and 7years.

    1. Hello Louella. Banks may ask you to submit certain requirements. We suggest that you consult with your preferred bank regarding this since they are more capable of deciding whether or not qualified ang inyong brother to apply for a car loan.

  50. Hi po.
    My father po is nag loan sa isang lending corp, bali kinulateral nya ung pension nya sa sss.. then ung naging co-maker nya po is mother ko. My own understanding of this article is that a Co-Maker has to be financially stable and capable to be fit of becoming a co-maker? pero sa case po ng mother ko fultime house wife lang po sya, wla po syang trabaho. ngayun po namatay na ung father ko at still my utang pa po sya sa lending company. wala din po sya ari arian na naiwan or pina mana sa amin na nka pangalan sa kanya. ung mother ko po ba ung mag babayad nang utnag nya.

    1. Hi Manilyn. Unfortunately, yes. The heirs, which is kayo po, will still be liable for the debt so dapat po mabayaran itp.

      1. Hello. My kaibigan kasi ko na nagtanong sakin about sa loan etc wala naman ako idea loan lalo na at sa lending umutang ung daddy nya. Kaso namatay daddy nya sya ung naging co-maker tapos hindi pa nila naireport sa sss na namatay ung daddy nila na benificiary ng sss ng mommy nila. Bali binigay sakanya ung atm ng daddy nya pero sinabi sakanya na wag muna iopen ung atm at baka matrace “dahil hindi pa nga nya nairereport hanggng ngayon na pumanaw na si daddy nya. Parang natakot kasi sya na baka daw makulong sya lalo na at hindi nya naireport. kaya nag search din ako para kung my makasagot masabi ko sakanya. Mag isang taon na si daddy nya. Bali sa sss na sya magbabayad? Salamat sa sasagot. Godbless

  51. Hi,
    I am a Co maker of my wife’s auto loan. Nabayaran na niya yung loan ng buo pero ayaw i-release ng banko yung mortgage kasi may utang pa daw ako sa credit card nila. May ongoing payment arrangement naman ako with their collection agency. Is this legal?May laban pa ba kami? Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Jops. Dapat po ma-release na since fully paid naman po ang auto loan. You can present also the payment arrangement you have as proof na ongoing na ang payment. Baka sakali po that they will allow this.

  52. Hi, I signed as a co-maker and I recently have known na hindi makakabayad yung may ari ng credit card. Will this affect my credit score as well?

  53. Hi po!!! Seeking for legal advice maam. My mom loan worth 130,000 so the collateral is our land worth 600,000. My mom paid naman monthly and she paid already the principal sabi naman na daw ng bank . So the interest nalang ang naiwan. Ang total pa ng babayaran niya sana is 70,000 Pero dumating ang time na nagkasakit ang lola ko na stroke sya and admitted to the hospital so hindi na nakapag bayad yung mom ko kasi siya ang nagprovide ng pera pambayad ng bills ng lola ko ( which is mother of my mom) sa hospital and after 3 months sunod naman lolo ko na stroke din ( father of my mom ) so siya ulit nagprovide ng pambayad sa hospital bills. So hindi nakabayad ang mom ko ng almost a year ata. So ayun lumaki ang babayaran niya ngayon ang total na ng naibayad namin is worth 600,000 na po sabi nila this march 27, 2019 foreclose na yung land namin kung hindi kami magbayad ng 175,000. Anu po ang dapat gawin kasi ang laki na po ang naibayad namin 3x naman na po sa worth ng inutang ng mom ko ang naibayad namin please sana matulungan niyo kami

    1. Hi Aica. We suggest that you coordinate with your lender to help you come up with a payment schedule na hindi na mauuwi sa pagsampa ng kaso. At least, kahit pakonti-konti, mabayaran ang loan. Sad to say but a loan is a loan and we have no choice but to pay for it.

  54. Hi! Good day! Co maker po ako ng friend ko sa isang bank… amg initang niya ay almost 500k tapos hindi na po siya nakabayad sa bank ng ilang taon na kasi nawalan ng trabaho… ako po ba ang magbabayad ng inutang niya? What if I am almost 60 years old and retiree? Anu po ba ang mangyayari.

    1. Hi Reen. As a co-maker, you may be responsible po for the loan of the principal borrower kung hindi po nakabayad. You can talk to the bank din po and ask on how to settle the loan na hindi naman po kayo ang magbabayad.

  55. hi. co maker ako ng husband ko sa isang lending company year 2011. OR/CR ng car ang collateral. nkakabayad naman at first kaso dumating sa point n hindi n sya nkabayad. lumipat n din kmi ng bahay at nadistino sa probinsya kaya wala n akong idea kung ano nangyari sa lending company. this year napag alaman ko n may sinampa n pala n kaso sa akin ang lending company. papano ko mare resolve yun kung parehas kming walang trabaho ngayon at hiwalay na? ma wa warrant po b ako kasi wala nman ako natatanggap n summons nung 2012 n nag file ang lending company? ano po dapat kung gawin n ngayong nasa korte n? thanks

    1. Hi Zy. It is best to consult a lawyer regarding this since may nakasampa na po pala na kaso sa korte. Hindi po kami sigurado sa procedure since this involves legal matters na. Salamat and hopefully, ma-resolve ito.

  56. hello! naging co maker ako 5 years ago sa isang tao at nabayaran na ang loan. then nag loan ulit ang tao na iyon, gulat nalang ako na co maker ulit ako na infact wala na akong pinermahan na documents then nag email ang loan company na e settle ko, ngunit wala akong ka alam2 about sa loan na iyon. is it possible na pwede nila akoang habulin about sa loan na iyon na hindi naman po ako nagpresenta at wala akong alam na co maker olit ako?

    1. Hi Alice. You can contest din po since ginawa po kayo co-maker without your consent. You can ask the lending company to show proof ng contract na pinirmahan ninyo para hindi din po kayo maging liable for any financial obligation.

  57. Hi. I just want to know if it’s applicable for my husband to be the co-maker/co-borrower for our house loan? Well, he’s a foreigner and contracting overseaa and I’m a housewife right now to our newborn child. Will be the principal borrower and he’ll be the co-borrower. Thanks.

    1. Hi Anna. Where do you plan to get a housing loan? We’re just not sure as to the requirements po kapag foreigner ang co-maker or co-borrower.

  58. Hi good day! Ask ko lang po for example nagloan po ako sa bank then yung co-maker ko may history ng surrender vehicle. may effect po ba yun sa approval ng car loan ko? Thank you po

    1. Hi Rachel! Yes, as long as you sow proof or statement that the pensioner is receiving a certain amount of money every month 🙂

  59. Hi.. may question lng po ako.. yung mother ko po kc nag loan po sya dati sa lending and ang co maker nya po is yung father ko. Namatay yung mother ko po last 2008 po and after po sya namatay nagpasa po yung father ko ng death cert s office ng lending to report po. After ilang years may pumunta po s bahay n taga lending at naniningil po sa father ko together with a huge interests po, yung father ko po wla n po sya trabaho kc ang dati po nla n source of income is yung maliit n sari sari store nmin, kya lng nung namatay po yung mother ko n stop n din po yung pag ttinda po nmin.. yung father ko po now is n stroke po xa 3 years ago na and wla po sya source of income. Today may nagpunta po ulit sa bahay na taga lending at hinahanap po yung tatay ko kc may utang pa nga daw po yung mother ko. Please pa advise nman po if ano po pde gawin ng father ko po s utang n naiwan po ng mother ko as yung father ko po yung co maker. Liable p rin po ba xa to pay all the interests and pwede po b sya I sue yung father ko po ng lending company?? Wla pong assets yung both parents ko po. Maraming salamat po.

    1. Hi Cece. As a co-maker, your father will be liable for the unpaid amount left by your mother, which includes principal amount, interest, and penalty. That is the nature of co-maker po. Para maiwasan ang kasuhan, you may coordinate with the lending company to help you come up with a payment arrangement na mababayaran ng unti-unti ang utang.

  60. Hi po, nag apply kami ng bf ko ng housing loan sa bank. I’d just like to confirm if nag-aapprove na talaga most of the banks ngayon even if ang co-owner is just boyfriend pa lang.

    We have good credit standing naman, and our income meets the requirement. Basically, I cant see any reason para mareject, except yung status namin na bf/gf pa lang (If it’s really an issue sa banks)

    1. Hi Chey. No issue naman po sa relationship status. What’s important is that both of you can show your capacity to pay the loan 🙂

  61. Good Evening. Tanong ko lang regarding sa pagiging co-maker. My dad (pensioner) who is almost 61 yrs old is asking me to be a co-maker for the house loan. Kukunin daw po nya ng 8 years. Chinabank adviced him na wala naman effect sa availing of car loan ang pagiging co-maker sa iba. Worried po ako dahil matagal ang 8 years and balak ko na po mag car loan. Ma affect po ba ung credibility ko if co-maker ako then mgapply ako ng sarili ko na loan?

    1. Hi Pom. Usually naman po, being a co-maker won’t affect your chances of applying for a personal loan. Ang importante po is makabayad ang principal borrower po.

  62. Hello po. Kung ang principal borrower ay single at childless, at pumanaw ito before mabayaran in full ang loan, may right to ownership na po ba ang co-maker sa property since siya naman ang magtutuloy ng pagbabayad ng loan? Wala pong iniwang valid will ang principal borrower.

    1. Hi Candy. No, wala pong right sa property ang co-maker UNLESS direct ascendant or descendant ito ng pumanaw. What you can do po is to file a case against the estate po para ma-reimburse ang inyong mga nabayad sa loan. Please consult a lawyer regarding this since we’re not familiar with the process. Thanks.

  63. Hi po, ask ko lang regarding sa pagibig housing loan, yung brother ko seaman and ako inventory analyst. Stable naman po yung work ko. Plan kasi na ako ang magiging comaker nya kaso unlike him hindi po ganun kataas ang sahod ko, may chance po kaya ma decline yung loan nya dahil dun? Thank you po sa sagot

    1. Hi Leila. The purpose of co-maker is to help the borrower secure the loan. This way, lenders are assured na mababayaran ang loan no matter what happens. Basta po ma-prove ang financial capacity ng inyong brother, then may chance naman po ito na ma-approve.

  64. Hello po. Magtatanong po. Paano po gagawin kung ang lender mo hinaharass ka na kung ano anong sinasabi at pananakot na gagawin. Tama po ba na gawin nya yun sa co maker na pwersahin bayaran ng buo. Ayaw niya ng arrangement gusto nya buong bayaran lahat ng co maker ung utang ng principal. Tama po ba? Ano po ang dapat ko gawin? Ako ang co maker po. Please advise. Thank you.

    1. Hi. As co-maker, you will be responsible for the payment of the loan kapag hindi nakapagbayad ang principal borrower. You may come up with an arrangement sa lender para mabayaran ang loan kahit paunti-unti lang po.

  65. i would like to ask, what i can do to stop the lending company from asking me to pay the money that my friends wife borrowed from them? i signed as a co maker for my friends wife which my friend wife..she resigned from where i am working now ,and became dilinquent in paying her amortization. when i came to see her parents to ask where their daughter is, they said they dont have contact with her anymore, which is unbelievable…i think they are lying…what i can do with the summon that i received, that is asking me to appear in court within ten days of my receipt of that notice?

    should i go? and what would be the process then? what if the principal debtor herself would not appear…does it mean,they can force me to pay in behalf of my friend?

  66. Hello po. Nag loan po ako ng car at solely nagbabayad ng monthly amortization. Since OFW po ako, sabi sa kin di ako allowed maging principal borrower, so naging co-borrower lang po ako. And the we put it under my mother’s name as borrower. Legally, can I considered myself as legally owner din ng car na ni-loan ko?

  67. Tanong ko lng po f im a co borrower tpos three months kulang ang hulog ko s carloan but wla nmn palya sa pgbyad.my bank account kc co maker is the bank automatically kakaltas sa co maker ng kulang na byad.because co maker demand a reinbursement still no receipt n naipapakita.it is possible na kakaltas ang bank sa co maker evnthough mnthly updated nmn kya lng kulang ang hulog?

    1. Hi Joy. Did you authorize the lender to make automatic deduction on your account? If yes, then the lender may deduct the loan amount po.

  68. hi, am planning to get a townhouse unit thru bank financing. Last year my family recieved a demand letter from a bank which i had been a co-maker to a former colleague ( 10 yrs ago). could this affect my intention to proceed bank financing?

    1. Hi James. It could affect po your credit standing. Still, you can prove your capacity to pay by showing proof of income, bank statements, etc. 🙂

  69. Hi, I signed multiple forms as co maker sa atm prenda ng small loans. Now 2 of them, hindi na nag babayad, my question is, am I obliged to pay for their loan even if I only signed a form without an agreement unlike loaning companies? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Lily. As a co-maker, yes, you might be asked to pay for the loans since nag-default na ang principal borrower.

  70. Hi! Please help me po. I have a sister na ofw na nag loan sa lending ng 100k tapos ginawa nyang co maker si papa ko na senior na. Ngayon si ate ko po ay biglang nawalan kami ng contact. Ang sabi po samin ng lending ay ma dedemanda daw po pati yung father namin kung hindi makakapagbayad ng 8k monthly. Eh wala naman na pong trabaho yung father namin dahil matanda na rin. Ano po kayang pwede namin gawin?

    1. Hi Jha. A loan is a loan and must be paid no matter what. You may coordinate with the lending company and negotiate a payment schedule para mabayaran ang utang kahit paunti-unti lang at para hindi narin umabot pa sa pagsampa ng kaso.

  71. Hi nangutang biyanan ko ng pera ako ang co-maker hnd po nka bayad ang byanan ko kasi nagkasakit sya ngayun double na ang utang at sa iba daw pinuntahan na ng nbi pwede po ba ako makulong if hnd ayosin ng byanan ko ang utang nya?pero kong pupuntahan nya po ba at pakiusapan na babaan ang hulog pwede po ba yun kasi sa ngyun parehas po talaga kaming walang wala kasi po nag-ka sakit sya wala narin syang work ngyun ako wala naring work pero sabi ko kahit 1k a month nlang ibibigay if makiki-usap sya pwede po kaya un umabot na ng 150k ang utang nya..salamat po

    1. Hi Rizz. No one may be imprisoned for non-payment of debt po. In this case, we suggest that you coordinate with the lender to come up with a payment arrangement para mabayaran ang utang at maiwasan ang pagsampa ng kaso.

  72. Hi.. ask lang po.. co maker aq ng sister q sa utang nya..may collateral nman po xa na car.. ngaun po d xa nakapag bayad sa utang nya.. may summon po aq from court to file and serve an answer to the complaint made.. makakasuhan din po ba aq kahit comaker lng qng willing nman ang borrowers na harapin ung utang? Maaapektuhan ba ang credit history ko nito? What should i do?

    1. Hi Joje. You will also be responsible for the non-payment of debt. Unfortunately, the case filed may reflect negatively against you and your credit score. What you can do is to coordinate with the lender. Since secured loan it (car as collateral), the lender may foreclose the car to pay off the loan.

    1. Hi Amando. No one may be imprisoned for non-payment of debt. Civil case po ito, ibig sabihin walang makukulong. That being said, maaaring isama ng lender o pinagkakautangan ang co-maker in case hindi po makabayad.

    1. Hi! As long as the loan is not fully paid, a co-maker will remain as co-maker. Nonetheless, a co-maker may apply for a loan under his/her name.

  73. hi po 3 kaming co maker at d na nagbabayad yung principal borrower ano po yung mangyayari sa aming tatlo? paghahatian ba namin yung utang? at paano po kung hindi na makapag bayad ang 2 co maker ako nalang po ba yung mag fufully paid ng utang?

    1. Hi Jayfer. This depends sa arrangement po kasi. Ideally, divided by 3 ang principal amount. One co-maker may also pay for the full amount then reimburse nalang po. Sadly, this is the danger of being a co-maker.

    1. Hello. We’re not familiar with this since may estate tax that needs to be paid po. You may check with the bank regarding the procedure or seek legal help since they are more familiar regarding estate taxes.

      1. Hello good eve itatanong ko lng po sana about s a balak ko pag loan ng house s pag ibig kaso ung co borrower ko hnd ko kmag anak my right b ang co borrower to alter or dagdagan ung loan ko kasi ofw ako at siya ang mg process nga papers ko for my pag ibig loan

        1. Hi Angel. Do you have SPA allowing your “co-borrower” to process on your behalf? You can also indicate sa SPA na hindi pwede dagdagan or i-alter ang loan terms without your authority.

      2. halu po.
        magpapa advice lng po ako, about sa wife ko,. na sya nuon ay dalaga pa na naging co-maker sa inutangang lending company ng tiyohin niya, walang kaalam alam ang asawa ko na hindi pala nagba bayad ng utang ang tiyohin niya, ngayon ay na stress na kami sa laki ng bayaran na utang pati asawa ko ay may case na natangap mula sa lending company na dapat ay bayaran dw niya.,

        makukulong po ba asawa ko? or kukuha po ba ng ari-arian ang lending company sa amin pati sa estado ng ari-arian nami bilang pamilya?, pero ang tiyohin niya at mga anak nito ay mga professional nmn.
        at pangalawa tanong po, paano po ipa cancel ang pagiging co-maker ng asawa ko. possible po ba yan?

        maraming salamat po.

        1. Hi Bernard. Hindi maaaring i-cancel ang pagiging co-maker unless fully paid na ang loan. Bilang co-maker, ang asawa mo ay magiging responsable kung hindi makakabayad ang principal. Hindi naman siya makukulong pero kung may kaso na na-file, pwedeng ipa-garnish ang assets para mabayaran ang utang.

  74. Hi,
    I had a friend na ginawa akong comaker. Unfortunately, tinakbuhan niya responsibility nya. I don’t even know san na sya nakatira. No contact info, was blocked in FB. Now the lending company won’t return my ATM even if fully paid na loan ko because of my friend’s loan. What to do po? If ipablock ko ba ATM ko, habulin pa rin ako ng lending company?

    1. Hi MJ. As a co-maker, you will be responsible for the payment of loan of the principal borrower. This means kailangan po ninyo bayaran ang loan sa lender.

  75. Hello, and good day po, ask ko lang po kasi kinuha ako ng father ko as co-maker, kasi mag rereloan xa ng SSS niya, sa pension niya, then wala [po xang source of income, ako naman po is plan kong mag loan din sa SSS for the first time, ang tanong ko is, maaapektuhan po ba ang pag apply ko ng loan pag di nahulugan or nabayaran ang loan ng father ko. since unstable po siya to pay. thank you po…

  76. Hi po,would like to ask also about co-maker since i am in this situation right now.My aunt asked me to borrow money,the money is coming from a sinking fund. Ako po ang naka-sign as borrower para makahiram nang money. The problem now, my aunt is in Dubai and i can’t reach her anymore to pay for the loaned amount,and i think she has no intention in paying for it. I was informed that they will deduct a certain amount from my salary every pay day. Can they deduct a certain amount from my salary even if it is not stated in the contract that they will deduct from my salary in case of non-payment from the principal borrower? May I know what will be my rights as a co-maker?

    1. Hi Leslie. As a co-maker, you will be responsible for the loan in case the principal borrower defaulted. In this case, since hindi mabayaran ni tita, you will have to pay for it in ways that will be convenient for you and the lender.

  77. question po..tinakasan ako mg comaker ko..same company kami nagtratrabaho..eto mga huling payts di na sya nakakabayad and i found out na papaalis na pala sya ng bansa..i got hold of the agency and ask ko lang kung meron ako pwede ikaso sa kanya dahil ako na ang nagbabayad ng payts nya sa lending company na tinakasan nya?pls help!

    1. Hi Morgana. The lender can file a collection case against the principal borrower. You can also look into criminal cases if pasok sa requirements. We suggest that you consult a lawyer regarding this since sila po ang mas nakakaalam sa proseso. Salamat.

  78. hi good afternoon po.. gusto ko po sana humingi ng advice. Meron po kasi akong co teacher na nagloan ng malaking halaga ako ang ginawang co maker ng loan niya. at halos boung taon na siya hnd nakakapagbayad kasi po nasa undeducted yong loan niya.at hnd rin po siya nagoover the counter para magbayad. may mga tanong po ako sana po matulungan nyo ako.
    1. binalikan ko ang mga payslip niya bago siya nagloan, nakita ko po na sa deduction niya talgang magfafall siya sa undeducted dahil sa konti nalang ang net niya. May kapabayaan po ba dun ang bank (kaibigan po niya ang isa sa nagprocess ng paper niya sa bank)at pwd ko ireklamo?
    2. nakikipagcomunicate naman po ang borrower sa bank, nakokontak po siya thru text and call pero hnd nakikipagkita. At maraming mga ginagawang alibi, nasa legal na po ng bank ung issue at admin case.tanong ko po kung makakasuhan po siya sa hnd pagbabayad may concern parin po ba ako dun?

    1. Hi Rosalyn. Loan payment will depend on the arrangement. In this case, maaaring ang naging usapan ay over-the-counter payment instead of automatic deduction sa salary. Sadly, maaari po kayo madamay in case a collection case is filed since kayo po ay co-maker ng nasabing loan.

    1. Hi Ann! Is there a pending case against the co-maker? They could request for a Hold Departure Order if there is a case filed po kasi.

      1. Good morning po pwedi nyo po ba akong i advice.kc po nag loan po ung papa ko sa isang finance ngaun ako po ung co-maker sa kasamaang palad namatay po ung papa ko then ako po ung sinisingil sa loan nia..e di ko nman po kagustuhan na mamatay po c papa..paki advice nlang po salamat..

  79. Regarding po sa Car Loan, I applied through RCBC and they said they won’t approve my application due to my co-maker has higher income than me(borrower). Is that the rule or I may try to apply a different bank?

    1. Hi Al. They should’ve granted your car loan since this would mean that the loan can be secured. You may try other banks if that’s the case.

    1. Hi Mayeth. It depends po. Did you and another borrower apply together for a housing loan? Did you also receive profits from the housing loan? If yes, then may right din po kayo.

  80. Hello. This topic is really helpful. My situation is a bit diff. You see got a car via BDO. My husband was the principal and I am the co-maker. We were able to pay the car but sadly as for me, due to some financial restraints lately, I got listed from BDO credit card. Now, we are requesting for release of our OR CR since we already. I got an email from BDO saying that they won’t release the or cr unless I pay my credit card balance. Pwede bang gawin yun? Labas naman yung car loan sa credit card debt ko plus I am just the Co maker. Nabayaran naman ni principal yung car loan in time. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Kitty Cat. If the car loan is fully paid, then dapat the bank should release the OR/CR na since tapos na ang obligation. You may seek legal advise regarding this since we’re not that familiar with the legal implications.

  81. Incase the co-maker and the principal failed to pay monthly dues, to stop burden from both parties particularly on the part of the co-maker, is it possible just pull the car out?

    1. Hi Derick. That could be an arrangement. You can coordinate with your lender to help come up with a viable and less burdensome solution.

  82. Hello, can you help me with my mother’s situation? My mother is a co maker of her friend which has a debt of P100,000. Now this friend runs away when the collectors came. They demanded my mother to pay and threatened to sue us. My question is can my mother demand reimbursement?

    1. Hi Maica. Your mother can demand reimbursement from the principal if she paid for the loan. As a co-maker, lenders can also demand reimbursement from your mother to fully pay the loan obligation.

  83. Hello, can you help me again what if, the past loan is already paid and then the debtor loan again and the debtor used the past papers of the co-maker and this time wothout the knowledge of the co-maker. Is the co-maker is still liable to pay if the debtor can’t pay even though the comaker has no knowledge about the reloan?

    1. Hi Mai. You can contest this if ever. If the previous loan where you signed as a co-maker was already paid in full, then that means you have no more obligation.

  84. Hi Atty.,

    May I ask if I am oblige to pay an obligation owed by my son. My son is already 32, and he’s not living with me. Yet, the creditor is asking me to pay the money owed by my son. I am not even his guarantor.

    May I know what article I can state to the creditor? Im already 50 and still in stage of emotional distress.

    The creditor even told me that she will go to the barangay office.

    Please help me. Thank you.

    1. Hello Gem. Your son is the principal borrower and since you are not a co-maker or co-borrower, then you are under no obligation to pay. However, the creditor must be relying on the fact that you are the father that’s why they are going after you as well.

  85. May question ako. What if may car loan ako presently then yung kapatid ko gnwa akong co-maker sa car loan nila. Madadamay ba ung car loan ko kung ndi sila makabayad sa car loan nila or makikitaan ba ako ng bank na may panibago na naman akong car loan at madamay ung akin?

    1. Hi PJ. Previous loan applications will reflect when the bank do their credit checking. As long as updated and hindi nade-delay sa payment, there’s nothing to worry.

  86. Hi,Good day!.. Lara tanong ko lang po. Nag online loan po ako. Maraming beses na po ako naka renew at this time nagkaroon po ako ng family at financial problem. Nakiusap naman po ako at ang ibang agent ay humihingi ng proof na na hospitalized ang mother ko which is ayaw ko naman gawin ito. Sa kadahilanan ng family privacy. May karapatan po ba ako at ano po right ko dito.

  87. Hi,

    Ask ko lang po, kumuha ako ng housing loan thru bank . last year ko pa po nasimulan ang monthly payment. since nagkaroon ng di inaasahang bagsak ng economy this year at dahil sa pandemic, ano po pwede gawin ng bank kung di ko na kaya hulugan ang payment? makasuhan po ba ako? or may need ako bayaran para madeclare na ipa foreclosed ko na.

    salamat po.

    1. Hi Maria. There are several options. Pwede po kayo mag-incur ng penalty fees. Maaari din na ma-foreclose ang property. We suggest that you coordinate with your bank since sila ang mas nakakaalam ng magandang arrangement na pabor for both parties.

  88. hi po ask ko lang din po, balak ko sana kumuha ng car loan. kylangan po ba immediate family ang co-maker or okay lang po kahit hindi? thank you in advance

  89. Hi maam!
    Kinukuha po kasi akong comaker ng friend ko na maglo loan sa isang bank here in the phils, malaki po hinihiram nia.. may tiwala nmn po ako sa kanya, pero di rin kasi natin alam kung anong pwedeng mangyari in the future. Considering this, okay lang po kaya na mag comaker ako or wag na lang?
    I have a pending US application, and Im afraid baka maapektuhan/madelay po yun in case na magka problem sa loan niya.

    1. Hi Kate! Being a co-maker means you will also be responsible for the loan in case the principal borrower is unable to pay. We think this should be your biggest consideration when deciding whether or not to agree being a co-maker.

  90. What if a person was listed to be a co-maker of a certain loan and she was just received a text message that she was listed by a friend, which is she knew nothing about and that agency was threatening her that they are going to post their faces in social media. Do she have a liability for that unpaid loan?

    1. Hi Cathy. First of all, lenders cannot publicly shame you on social media. You can report them directly to BSP since this kind of threat is not allowed. There is a possibility na maipasara ang lending company.

  91. Good day po!
    Paano po kung hindi po alam ng comaker ang obligations na pinirmahan nya, ang sabi po kasi sa nanay ko ay kailangan lang daw ng witness para makautang sa lending company yung kakilala nya, kaso po namatay na yung principal borrower.

    1. Hi Theresa. You can explain that to the lender pero we don’t know if they will accept that. Pwede sabihin na hindi aware ang inyong mother and wala naman nag-explain sa kanya kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng co-maker.

  92. hi i know its a little bit late this post for this article.. anyways i myself like to file a house loan on the bank.. should the comaker file an application or myself to file a house loan in the bank?

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