Medical Exam: Another Step Closer to Your Dream of Working Overseas

Whether you plan to work here or overseas, medical exam will always be part of the requirements you need to accomplish before you can start work. In fact, medical exam is stricter for overseas workers because you need to ensure that you are physically fit to work. The difference in weather conditions could affect you and your employer needs to ensure that you can endure that. After all, you’re under contract, right?

That being said, here are things you need to know about medical examination for OFWs:

When to take a medical exam?

Apparently, it’s not as soon as possible. You can schedule for a medical exam either after receiving your job offer overseas or after signing the overseas employment contract. Ask your employer about this first since they might require certain clinics, especially if you are headed to any countries in the Middle East.

How much? 

This usually depends on the medical clinic. Nonetheless, it is best to prepare at least P1,500.00 to cover for all procedures like urine and fecal test, and drug test among others. Once completed, you will be given a medical exam certificate, which is valid for three months.

The medical exam fee will be shouldered by you. In case you were issued a medical certificate and it’s about to expire but you still can’t leave the country, you will be required to take another medical exam, but this time, it will be shouldered by the agency.

What happens during medical examination? 

Don’t worry. Medical exam for aspiring OFWs is similar to how medical examination is conducted for new employees. You will be asked to take laboratory exam like blood, urine, and fecal tests. Your vision, hearing, and oral health will likewise be checked.

Thereafter, physical examination will be conducted. This is to check the status of your physical health and the existence of medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, chronic renal failure, hypertension, and diabetes. You will also be asked to undergo psychological testing to make sure that you can cope and adapt with the new environment. Psychiatric diseases and neurological disorders are likewise prohibited from working overseas.

Medical exam varies per country. 

Every country that welcomes foreign workers has corresponding specifications and requirements in conducting medical examination.

For instance, if you are bound to Middle East countries specifically Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman, you should comply with the requirements set by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) – Accredited Medical Clinics Association or GAMCA. This way, the specified countries are assured that no foreign workers with sexually transmitted disease, tuberculosis, and pulmonary scar can enter their respective countries.

What is the essence of medical exam? 

The answer is simple: to ensure that you are fit to work. If the medical certificate reflects that you are physically fit to work abroad, then you can proceed to the next steps so you can leave on time and start your work overseas. Otherwise, your job offer will be cancelled (or delayed, depending on the findings of the medical clinic) if the medical exam revealed that you are suffering from a specific condition.

What does this mean then? Take care of your health, regardless if you are planning to work overseas or not. Health is wealth and don’t waste your hard-earned money by spending it on hospital bills and maintenance medications.

37 Replies to “Medical Exam: Another Step Closer to Your Dream of Working Overseas”

  1. Ask ko lang po kung ma uunfit to work ba ako if my history ako ng potts disease uri po siya ng tb sa spine pero wala po akong sakit sa lungs kasi po kabado ako sa medical ko for oman po kung mafifit to work po ba ako or hind ung inaaplayan ko naman po kasi is customer service po sa isang amusement park po sa Oman Thanks!

    1. Hi Lord! This would depend narin po sa agency if papayagan parin yan or hindi na. Baka po kasi may certain health requirement and we can’t tell if your condition will be allowed. Thanks!

  2. Hi po what if expires n medical exam pwede pa rin po ba umalis ng bansa? Hindi n rin po ba titingansa immigration yung medical certificate?

    1. Hi Juan. It depends po sa clinic. You can ask the agency kung saan kayo nag-apply as to magkano ang medical exam. Thanks!

  3. Hingi po ako ng inyong opinyon… pinag rre mdical ako ng agency., nbasa ko dito n dapat agency ang magbayad… pero sa aking agency now ako ang pinagbbyad pra sa dito…

    Req po b ito tlga bago tayo mkaalis,? Sa bansang ppunthan ko ipapamedical p din po ako…

    1. Hi Hussein! Yes po, required po ang medical exam to be sure that you are physically fit, lalo pagdating sa country destination. You may ask po for a reimbursement dun sa pinang-medical ninyo. Since pinapaulit, we’re not sure lang po if kayo na ang mag-shoulder ng medical expense.

      1. Hi Reena. You may ask recruitment agencies regarding this. We’re not familiar po kasi sa mga conditions na hindi ina-allow overseas. Salamat.

  4. Good day! yung friend ko po kasi wants to apply singapore, doesnt care kung through agency o direct hire, ang problema nya po kasi may hepa b sya. nalaman nya po na hindi naman nirerequired sa singapore ang hepa screening. Tanong ko lang po kung babagsak pa rin bo sya sa medical dito sa pilipinas kahit accept o di naman required ng employer kahit may ganung diease?

    Thank you po.

    1. Hello Kenzo. We’re not sure po. You can ask recruitment agencies since sila po ang mas nakakaalam pagdating sa mga ganyang specific concerns. Thanks.

    1. Hi Mark. Recruitment agencies are more equipped to answer specific questions like this. We’re not sure po kasi kaya ayaw namin magbigay ng definite answer at baka magkamali kami. Salamat.

  5. Hi po! Ask KO lang po kung pwede or papasa sa medical ang na cs after 4 months po para sa gulf countries? Thanks

  6. Ask ko lang, never kc ako nagkprob sa xray as in ever, 3x na ako nag US. Pero recently nag apply ako forSG then yung findings sa medical may left pleuradiagphram adhesion daw. Tactics b yun ng lab? Kc sbi wag ko daw ipaulit sa iba😏 non smoker po ako, occassional drinker lang dn. never ako naexpose sa mga sobrang toxic na environment,

  7. Balak ko po sana mgapply sa Singapore kaso baka po maunfit ako kasi my mild thoracic dextroscoliosis ako.Sa case ko po my pagasa po ba na mkapagtrabaho ako abroad??

    1. Hi Cristina. Foreign employers are strict po when it comes to health. You can coordinate with a recruitment agency and ask regarding this. Yung iba po kasi, pinapa-sign ata ng waiver.

  8. Hi po hired po ako as factory worker s taiwan. my past operation history ako ng inborn hernia(luslos) nung 2004 and all cleared ndn nmn from urologist nung nagpa check up ako last week. I ffit to work po kya nla un pag my operation history? At sa medcert po nla na ibbgy s agency iindicate paba doon ung findings like ung sa opera ko? Tnk u po

    1. Hi. If cleared naman po kayo and declared fit to work, then you can be allowed to work overseas. Usually naman po, hindi na ilalagay ang medical history since ang concern po is yung findings noong nagpa-medical kayo.

    1. Hello Mark. That would depend po if they will clear you and say na medically fit po kayo to work overseas. We’re not very familiar with this condition kaya we can’t give specific answers po. Thanks.

  9. After the medical examination. I was then asked to do cardiovascular clearance, para saan to? Does that mean meron something wrong with my health? I am only 34 years old.

    1. Hi Brey. Perhaps, the cardiovascular clearance is to ensure that you are in good, healthy condition. We’re not doctors, though, so we wouldn’t know the implication of this test. Nonetheless, it is best to go through this para narin ma-check ang inyong health. Thanks!

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