7 Side Jobs You Can Do Abroad to Help You Earn Extra Income

Earning in a different currency may be empowering and rewarding for you. After all, you are earning more than what you can earn back home, which means you can achieve financial freedom faster than staying here. Despite earning in dollars or euros, you realize that you are still living from paycheck to paycheck and you barely have nothing left for yourself.

Perhaps, it’s time to take side jobs to help you earn something extra.

Check out these money makers you can do abroad for extra income:

1) Babysitting. There will always be a need to hire babysitters, wherever you are in the world. If your schedule permits, take advantage of this demand and offer your services as a babysitter. Make sure to charge on a per-hour basis as well.

2) Selling, whether online or offlineThe possibilities are endless when it comes to selling. You can sell buy and sell small items and sell it to fellow Filipinos. You can also maximize the Internet and venture into online selling. To make the most out of this business, you can choose to buy items in the country where you’re working then sell it in the Philippines. The good thing about this is that there are many platforms that allows you to sell your items for additional income.

3) Commissioned works. Are you good at lettering or calligraphy? What about photography or painting? Do you enjoy making crafts? You can sell your works or have someone commission you to do something for extra income. Make sure to promote your works on your social media accounts, so someone will see it.

4) Food business. Do you love to cook? How about bake? Surely, everyone will enjoy food and eating, so don’t be afraid to offer that service. You can cook and pack viands and snacks, and offer to your co-workers. If you are into baking, you can accept on a per-order basis as well. Who knows, once your food business gets bigger, you can start making party packages or be commissioned to cook during Filipino gatherings.

5) Tutoring. If you prefer being around older kids, then tutoring can be a good side job for you. Don’t just limit yourself with academics. If you are good at something, say an instrument like guitar or piano, use that to your advantage and offer lessons for a fee. It will only take one to two hours, but the return can be rewarding.

6) Money lending. This is where you lend someone a certain amount of cash with interest. Although this could give you a legitimate extra income, you have to be careful on who to lend money to. There are people who would take advantage of this service and nowhere to be found when due date comes. Nonetheless, start small and don’t use a big chunk of your savings for this type of business.

7) Blogging. All you need is a laptop, Internet connection, a good camera, and your thoughts put into words. Still, don’t take this for granted. The World Wide Web is already full of bloggers, so make sure you stand out. Start with a topic close to you, say OFW Life. Offer tips and survival tricks to new OFWs that could help them adjust to life overseas. You can also feature places, tourist spots, where to eat, and the like. Don’t forget to update your blog regularly because once it generates enough traffic, this could give you additional cash.

More importantly, advertise your business or service. Ask help from the Filipino community and make sure you are visible online. This way, potential clients can see what you have to offer and who knows, this could lead to something bigger.

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