10 Rules to Remember when Riding an Airplane

There are several ways that could bring you from point A to point B. You could ride a bicycle, a car, a bus, or even a train. If you’re an OFW, whether first-timer or balik-manggagawa, the easiest way to go to your country destination is by plane.

Did you know that there are rules to follow when riding an airplane?

Before you leave, here are important airplane etiquette you should know as a form of courtesy and respect to other passengers:

Rule No. 1: Scent matters.

You’ll never know who among the passengers are allergic to particular scents that could lead to adverse effects. Before you ride a plane, avoid carrying anything that comes with strong scents.

This rule extends to the perfumes and skincare products you bought as pasalubong. There’s no need to spray it on the plane and these products are best kept in your bag.

Rule No. 2: Be mindful of your belongings.

There is a reason why a particular seat is designated to a particular person. Make sure you stay on that designated spot, including your belongings. The plane is spacious enough to position your hand carries so make sure you maximize on that without taking the space of the other passengers.

Rule No. 3: Be considerate when using the lavatory.

It’s annoying when someone at home takes a long time using the bathroom. Imagine that inside the plane where hundreds of passengers are limited to two lavatories.

Therefore, be considerate when using the lavatory. It is a common area shared by everyone. This means other people will use it, so make sure to keep it quick. Don’t take your time inside the bathroom since there is a line outside. Keep it clean after use as well. Leaving a mess is just outright inconsiderate.

This leads you to the next rule.

Rule No. 4: Stand up only when necessary.

Flights can be long, especially if you are heading outside Asia. You might want to walk around to stretch your legs, which is fine.

Still, make sure you get up only when it is convenient. Avoid standing if you see the cabin crew with their pushcarts coming your way. You might also want to time your bathroom breaks if you’re sitting on the window side. Otherwise, you’ll be disturbing your co-passengers if you stand up and move every 30 minutes.

Rule No. 5: Be respectful to the cabin crew.

Yes, cabin crew are there to assist you with your needs and make the flight comfortable for you. Still, they are not your servants who you can call and curse in case something didn’t go your way.

The point is be respectful. Treat them nicely and humanely, similar to the way you want to be treated. They’re humans too so treat them with respect.

Rule No. 6: Overhead bins are for sharing.

Carry-on luggages are placed on the overhead bin or that cabinet looking space above the passenger’s head. Sometimes, passengers place their bags under their chair, but if you have a bulkier carry-on luggage, you put it on the overhead bin, which is also a common space shared by everyone.

This is why do not abuse that shared space. If you see that there’s not enough space on the overhead bin for your bag, then look for other spaces near you. Never force your stuff in or else, you might damage the personal belongings of other passengers.

Rule No. 7: There is no battle of the armrest.

There is a never-ending debate on who gets what armrest, especially if you’re seated in the middle. To put things in perspective, here’s what you need to know about armrest:

  • The person seating on the window gets the armrest nearest the window.
  • The person seating on the aisle seat gets the armrest on the aisle area.
  • The person seating on the middle seat gets both the armrest in between him. This is a form of compensation for being squeezed between two passengers.

We hope this settles the issue.

Rule No. 8: To recline or not to recline the chair?

You want you ride to be as comfortable as possible. Can you imagine sleeping in an upright position? Therefore, you are tempted to recline your chair so you could sleep comfortably.

Well, easy on that. You still need to be mindful and conscious of other people’s space before you recline your chair. As much as possible, do not recline since it would make the person at your back uncomfortable. Certainly, the person in front of you reclining his seat will make you uncomfortable as well.

If you feel the urge to do so, then here’s what you need to do:

  • Check the person at the back and see if s/he is using the tray.
  • Inform the person at the back regarding your intention to recline the chair.
  • If he said that he’ll be using the tray first, then respect it. Don’t force.

Rule No. 9: Sleep considerately.

It’s normal to snooze on the plane, especially if your flight is at night. When you do, do it with consideration.

Avoid using the tray as your headrest. Be mindful of your space when you position yourself to sleep. If you can, bring a neck pillow so you’ll stay in your space as you hit the snooze button.

Rule No. 10: Know the proper way on how to disembark from the plane.

The pilot will inform you if you’re about to land. During that time, there will be reminders on what to do so make sure you listen carefully and follow them without question. It’s for your safety.

As the plane disembarks, stay on your seat with your seatbelt on. Remove the seatbelt only when the seatbelt sign is turned off. Once the plane landed, don’t immediately stand to get your things and go out of the plane. Front rows get out first and there is no contest with a prize waiting for that person who gets out of the plane first.

Keep these rules in mind.

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