PAG-IBIG Membership for Overseas Filipino Workers

On June 11, 1978 and by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 1530, Pagtutulungan sa Kinabukasan: Ikaw, Bangko, Industriya, at Gobyerno or PAG-IBIG Fund was established.

Presently known as Home Development Mutual Fund, the purpose of this government agency is to provide national savings program and affordable shelter financing for Filipino workers with the help of these four sectors.

Back in the day and due to certain events in history, being a PAG-IBIG member was voluntary. In 1994, then President Ramos declared the membership mandatory through Republic Act 7742.

In 2009, then President Arroyo signed into law R.A. 9679 or the Home Development Mutual Fund Law, which made PAG-IBIG membership mandatory for all Filipinos, including those who are overseas Filipino workers like you.

Keep reading to know more about your PAG-IBIG membership, including how to register, how to make payments while overseas, and the benefits you can get from being a member.

On mandatory membership – 

  • Filipino seafarer upon signing of the standard contract of employment between seafarer and manning agency.
  • Filipinos employed by foreign-based employers, whether deployed in the Philippines or overseas, or combination.

On membership registration – 

There are several ways you can register as a PAG-IBIG member. You can submit your Membership Registration Form (MRF) together with valid ID in:

  • In case you’re overseas,  in PAG-IBIG desks located in Philippine Embassy or Consulate
  • Pag-IBIG Fund International Operations Group, 6th Floor, Justine Bldg., Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City
  • Any PAG-IBIG branch nationwide
  • PAG-IBIG satellite office in the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA)
  • Accredited banks and remittance centers like Metrobank, PNB, and iRemit Global Remittances, Inc.

You can also get a copy of the MRF here.

You can also register online through PAG-IBIG website.

On membership contribution –

Filipinos working overseas and whose employer is not subject to mandatory coverage shall contribute two percent of his/her monthly compensation. The Filipino worker may also opt to pay for the employer’s counterpart of two percent.

Take note that the maximum monthly compensation to be used in computing membership savings shall not be more than P5,000.00

As of this writing, the standard contribution is at P100. You may opt for higher contribution so you could get higher savings.

On duration of PAG-IBIG membership – 

Membership shall be maximum of 20 years with total of 240 monthly membership savings or upon the occurrence of any of the following:

  • Retirement
  • Permanent Total Disability or Insanity
  • Termination of service due to health reasons
  • Permanent departure from the country
  • Death
  • Other reasons provided for by the Board of Trustees

You also have the option to withdraw after 15 years of contribution, provided  at least 180 monthly membership contributions were made and there is no existing PAG-IBIG loan.

On paying for monthly contribution – 

The good news is you can pay your monthly contribution anywhere you are. PAG-IBIG has representatives based in the Philippine Embassy or Consulate where you can pay to them directly. There are also PAG-IBIG-accredited banks and remittance partners where you can pay your contributions.

You can check this link for a complete list of accredited banks and remittance partners of PAG-IBIG around the world.

Take note that when paying for your monthly contribution, prepare your PAG-IBIG membership ID number (PAG-IBIG MID) since this will be used to track the payments you made. In case you don’t have PAG-IBIG MID yet, you can now register so you will be given Registration Tracking Number (RTN) in the meantime.

On benefits of being a PAG-IBIG member – 

  • Tax-free savings, guaranteed by the government.
  • Savings are earning yearly dividends, which will be added to your savings.
  • Access to short-term loans like Multi-Purpose Loan and Calamity Loan, which you can use to, say, pay your child’s tuition fee, minor repairs at home, or starting capital for your business.
  • Access to Housing Loan wherein the funds can be used to buy your dream house, home renovation and improvement, or refinance existing housing loan from other lending institutions.

What are you waiting for? Become a PAG-IBIG member now to not only enjoy the benefits mentioned but also to earn higher savings.

26 Replies to “PAG-IBIG Membership for Overseas Filipino Workers”

  1. I am working abroad now and stopped contributing my pagibig fund. I want to be qualified for housing loan but I don’t know the process how to reactivate my pagibig fund. How can an ofw continue to pay pagibig fund?

    1. Hi Cristine. You need to pay an equivalent of 24 monthly contributions to activate your membership and eligible for housing loan.

  2. I am a member of Pag-ibig before I became an OFW. During my application for OEC it is required also to submit Pag-ibig Form…even I wrote my old Pag-ibig number they gave me another number which I presented upon paying my contribution. My question, what is the implication having two Pag-ibig numbers?

  3. Hi!! New member of pag ibig funds. Just put money on my account. Do I have to wait for 6 month before I can make a loan? Is it possible for me to make a loan now?

    1. Hi Wennie. You may apply for a loan but you need to pay first the equivalent contribution for two years. We’re just not sure as to the exact amount, so we suggest you contact PAG-IBIG regarding the amount. Thanks!

  4. hi po…my son just signed a contract in one of the shipping company international but… he has given only allowance yet…but he has a pag ibig benefit……but my son doesnt know if how much is the company giving for his pag ibig contribution…

  5. I have a question…im working now at saudi arabia and i saw on my record that my agency contributed for my pag ibig…so it means i have already a record or i am a pag ibig member now? Thanks

    1. Hi Aileen. Mandatory na po kasi even for OFWs ang membership with PAG-IBIG. You may ask for a copy of your registration or membership para makakuha din kayo ng ID. 🙂

  6. hello can i get your pag ibig ofw center email address i want to register to get my permanent pagibig MID.

    thank you

  7. H! Is it possible to pay the 24 months contribution in pag ibig when i get back to philippines and at the same time apply for a housing loan after a week or two? Thank you.

  8. Hi po ang kapatid ko po ay isang ofw. Gusto nia po ipa activate ulit ang kanyang pag ibig kailangan po ba namin ng authorization mula sa kanya para maasikaso na nmin ang account nia po

    1. Hi Sandrine. Yes, authorization is required po. We’re not sure lang if PAG-IBIG will require you to submit SPA po or Authorization Letter is enough.

  9. Hello po! Just want to ask po.. Nasa doha po kasi ako. Possible po kaya na mag apply for a housing loan and process na rin po dito? Maaapprove po kaya un if nacomply ko po lahat ng req needed? Or need ko pa po talaga umuwi ng pinas? Thank you po!

    1. Hello Jen. You can check with PAG-IBIG if mayroon silang overseas office sa Doha. Otherwise, sa Pilipinas po ang processing and you have to assign someone to process it on your behalf through SPA.

  10. Ma’am one more question, if i am to process my housing loan here in qatar, possible po kaya? Mother ko po maglalakad ng papers sa pinas. Or need ko po talaga umuwi ng pinas? Thanks a lot!

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