OFW Guide: How To Apply For Police Clearance

Let’s face it: applying for a job, whether here or overseas, requires you to submit TONS of documents. These documents will be photocopies several times, depending on how many agencies you applied to.

One of the documents you need to secure is a police clearance.

Not all countries or agencies you will apply for requires you to get a police clearance. On the other hand, countries like USA, Canada, Australia, here’s what you need to know when applying for this type of requirement as well as a step-by-step procedure on how to get one.

But first, what is a police clearance?

A police clearance is a type of document that proves that you, the holder, has no criminal or derogatory record. This is valid for six months with a unique QR code to verify its authenticity.

You may be asked to get a police clearance either from:

  • Your place of residence, to ensure that you didn’t commit any crime in the area where you live; or
  • Your place of work, which ensures that you are not guilty of committing any crime in the companies you worked for within the same area.

Take note that the scope of police clearance is for a specific locality. It is also different from NBI Clearance in terms of scope since the clearance issued by the agency covers all criminal records anywhere in the Philippines.

Step-By-Step Procedure On How To Apply For A Police Clearance

Step 1: Prepare the requirements.

You will need:

  • At least two valid IDs with photo, complete name, and signature
  • PSA-certified birth certificate in case you only have one ID
  • Police clearance application form, in case you have not registered online
  • Cash for payment of police clearance fee – in case you have not registered online
  • An active email address

Take note that most local government offices prefer that you register with the NPCS website instead of applying thru walk-in.

Step 2: Register and create an account with NPCS.

Most city governments require applicants to register with the National Police Clearance System to speed up the process.

Go to the NPCS website and click Register. A new window will appear, so make sure to tick all the boxes to continue. Don’t forget to read everything since this serves as a guideline when applying for a police clearance.

Then, fill out the New Applicant Registration form and click Register. Check your email because a verification link will be sent, which you need to click to verify your information. Thereafter, you will be asked to sign with the email address you used to register.

Once you logged in, don’t forget to edit your profile by completing the necessary information being asked.

Step 3: Set up an appointment.

Click the Clearance Application button. Choose the police station where you will apply. Thereafter, a list of available schedules will appear. Choose your preferred date and time, and click Next.

Don’t forget to click the Land Bank of the Philippines button before saving your appointment.

Take note of the payment details, which will be displayed as soon as you saved your appointment. A reference number will likewise be given so TAKE NOTE and write it down. You will use this reference number when paying for the fee.

Step 4: Payment.

To pay, click Pay to LANDBANK button, which will lead you directly to the bank’s e-Payment portal. You can use your Landbank account, GCash, or Bancnet.

Take note that the police clearance fee is P150 plus P10 transaction fee.

Step 5: Go to your scheduled appointment.

Don’t forget to bring the requirements such as valid IDs, reference number, and official receipt of your payment. Once you presented the documents, you will undergo biometrics process wherein photo, fingerprints, and digital signature are taken.

When done, wait for your name to be called for the release of your police clearance.

In case your application got a hit, you have to go through a verification process first before you can claim your police clearance.

The good thing about applying for a police clearance now is that the process is faster since it is digital. It’s more efficient now compared before; hence making the process more convenient for you.

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