5 Non-Negotiable Qualities of OFWs to Succeed in the Workplace

What does it take to succeed in your job? The truth is A LOT.

When you apply for a job, recruitment agencies only see what you want them to see – your educational background, employment history, certifications and trainings, and references among others. You need to look good on paper so you could proceed to the next step of job employment.

Apparently, your resume is just a portion of who you are and does not define how you are in the workplace. Trainings and technical skills are helpful and considered by employers, but there are certain qualities you need to have or develop in order to keep ahead of the curve and succeed.

These non-negotiable qualities are:

Ability to Work in a Diverse Environment

Working overseas means working with people who came from different countries like you. This also means you will be dealing with people who grew up in a different culture. Can you handle that?

One of the important qualities employer looks for is one’s ability to work in a diverse environment. Instead of doing things your way, you must be willing to adjust, cooperate, collaborate, and work well with a team, regardless of where you all came from. If you could do that and get along with others, then you could survive and go a long way.


Let’s say you got accepted as a caregiver. It turns out that one of your patients is looking for English tutor for her granddaughter. Since you know the language well, you decided to sign up for it, for additional pay, of course. Who knows, this could pave into something bigger.

Working overseas means you need to be able to adapt to whatever situation is thrown at you, good or bad. You must be willing to make adjustments and accept new roles – as long as you are compensated accordingly. For you, it’s about additional income but for your employer, they could see something positive in you.

Speaking of English, you should also have this next skill.

Good Communication Skills

English is considered as a universal language for a reason – majority of the people can at least understand it. This is why Filipinos often have the edge because speaking and learning English is part of our culture. This will make it easier to communicate with people in the workplace and avoid work barriers like confusion or misunderstanding.

Still, don’t limit yourself to learning English. You should also make an effort to learn the language of the country where you’re working. You can check YouTube videos for language tutorials or apply in TESDA for specific language course. Don’t worry. It’s free.


OFW life is not forever. This is why you are advised to make the most out of your stay while you still can. While you are there, you need to have a vision.

What does this mean?

You need to have an ambition not just for yourself but also for your family. You need to envision financial stability and security, and use it as a motivation to work harder and persevere more. Keep in mind that even if employers are not saying positive things out loud, they do notice your perseverance and effort – and having a vision in life could help you.

Effective Time Management

Do you want someone working for you who is always late or cannot meet deadlines? Definitely not.

To succeed in the workplace, you need to have proper and effective time management skills. There is no room for tardiness or procrastination, especially if you want your employers to notice you.

Prioritize your time and avoid making side jobs that could affect your performance in your main job.

Do you possess these qualities?

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