Make The Most Out Of TESDA’s Free Online Learning Programs

They say education knows no age. Whether you are 15 or 50, learning never stops. The good thing now is that learning something new is easier and more convenient. All you need is to open your browser, type the course you want to study, and make sure you are online during your scheduled class.

We know what you’re thinking: enrolling in courses mean you have to pay a certain amount for it.

Not with TESDA. In fact, the agency offers learning programs for OFWs that are both online and free.

What is TESDA Online Program?

Also known as TOP, this program is an online educational resource that aims to make learning accessible to millions of FIlipinos through information and communication technologies.

It is created for students, out-of-school youths, unemployed individuals, and even professionals. Surprisingly, more and more OFWs are also taking advantage of this online portal.

The good thing about this facility is that people can learn at their own pace and time at a lesser cost.

What are the courses offered?

As of this writing, the facility offers more than 50 courses from various fields such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Maritime
  • Tourism-Related such as Housekeeping and Cookery

You can explore various courses according to your own preference by visiting their website.

How To Register To TESDA Online Portal:

  1. Create an account by signing up in the TESDA Online Program. You can access the link here.
  2. Fill out the form. Make sure that the information you put pertains to you. Take note that the fields with asterisk are considered mandatory; hence must be filled out.
  3. Click Create my new account to continue.
  4. Activate your TESDA account by clicking the confirmation link sent to your registered email address. This is a must.
  5. Now, you can enroll in classes.

How To Enroll In TESDA Courses:

  1. Login to the TESDA portal using your registered email address and password.
  2. Choose among the available courses displayed on your screen.
  3. Click the link of the course you want to take.
  4. Another window will open. Choose the module you want to take.
  5. Then, click the “Enrol me in this course” tab located at the left side of the navigation pane.
  6. Click Yes to proceed.

How is the program beneficial to you as OFW?

It is highly recommended that you take advantage of this facility. All you need to do is to complete all the modules to get a Certificate of Completion. This proves that you completed your online course, but take note that this is not equivalent to certification.

To get certified, go to a recognized TESDA Assessment Center for assessment. If you pass, then you will get a National Certification, which you can include in your resume.

If Online Learning Is Not Appealing, Then That’s Fine

TESDA has three free skills training program, especially for returning OFWs. These are:

  • Reintegration, wherein returning OFWs can get free skills training, assessment, and certification as well as job referrals.
  • Training for Work Scholarship Program, which is beneficial for jobs that require highly critical skills like electronics, agri-business, and information technology.
  • Special Training for Employment Program or STEP, which involved community-based training to address and promote specific skills for future employment.

Who says learning and education is only for the rich and with money? Everyone is entitled to this right, so make the most out of it. Happy learning!

4 Replies to “Make The Most Out Of TESDA’s Free Online Learning Programs”

  1. I want the courses fit for me.
    This all the courses I want to achieve:
    * HRM
    * Welder’s
    * ABM
    That’s the courses I want to achieve,and the important is to get a certificate to proved that I finished of this courses.
    Someday if i achieve this goal and I want to go in the other placed and to find a hardwork that fit for me.
    By the way,
    May name is norriemae magarao, I live in Montalban Rodriguez Rizal, I’m 22yrs.old of age.

    1. Hi! Please check TESDA website to know about the procedure and requirements on how to apply for the courses that fit you. They are more fit to answer your queries. Thanks!

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