Find Out The Costs Of Working Overseas

Do you plan to seek greener pastures and work overseas? If yes, then you’re not alone. There are hundreds, even thousands of Filipinos who are willing to work abroad and earn more than what they can earn here,

Here’s the reality: despite the promise of higher salary, there are fees you need to pay – some shouldered by you while the others will be paid for by your employer or agency.

Apart from the documentary requirements, here are the costs you need to prepare for before you say to a job overseas:

Shouldered By The Worker

You need to prepare your wallet for the following expenses:

  • NBI Clearance – P130.00
  • Philippine Passport – P950.00 and P1,200.00 for regular and express processing, respectively. You also have to pay additional P150.00 if you want it delivered to your home.
  • Philhealth – P2,400 every year
  • Police Clearance – P100
  • Birth Certificate – P150
  • SSS Contribution – Depends on your salary grade but it starts at P960 per month
  • Medical Exam Fee – Depends on the medical clinic conducting the examination, but it usually charges P5,000
  • Placement Fee – Equivalent to less than or equal to one month salary stated in your contract
  • Immunization Fee – Depends on the immunization, but it is safe to prepare at least P5,000. This is not mandatory but some host countries require that workers take necessary shots before being deployed.

Shouldered By The Employer / Agency

Don’t worry. Not everything will be shouldered by you. With the passage of Republic Act 8042, there are costs that must be shouldered by the employer. This includes:

  • POEA Processing Fee – P200
  • OWWA Membership Fee – $25 or its peso equivalent
  • OFW Compulsory Insurance – Depends on the insurance provider
  • Visa Fee – This will depend on the host country
  • Airfare – Varies, depends on the airline
  • Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar or PDOS – P100

In other words, you will be charged at least P50,000 for the documentary requirements and mandatory memberships alone.

Apparently, the costs don’t stop here. Even if you were able to comply with all of these requirements, you need to worry about the costs of living overseas. This is why it is important that before you leave the country, you will set aside a budget that will help you pay for basic necessities like food and water in order to survive the first few weeks.

“How much?,” you might ask.

Again, it depends on your country of destination, Some countries like Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait have higher cost of living than in Manila. This means even if you are earning three or four times than your salary in the Philippines, you will end up paying more because the cost of goods are high.

Still, don’t let this discourage you. Filipinos are known for being resilient and ma-diskarte, so use those to make the most out of your salary. Be wise with your spending and avoid buying unnecessary things, especially during the first few months overseas. Set a budget, prioritize your spending, and get a side job if time permits so you will be able to earn more.

You’ll get used to this eventually. Just make sure you use your salary wisely.

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