6 Best Money Management Apps You Should Have on Your Phone

How many times have you heard of the terms “budgeting,” “money management,” or “saving?” Even here in Balikbayad, we always stress the importance of these terms because we want to see every OFW succeed even after your contract.

To help you with that dream, we listed money management apps you might find useful to help you achieve financial freedom.

Your Bank’s App

Banks like BDO, BPI, and Metrobank have their own app that allows you to access your account anytime, anywhere. Make sure you download your bank’s app because aside from being free, you can easily check how much you have and if there were withdrawals made.

You can check this POST to learn about banks with online banking facilities.

Ipon: 52 Weeks Challenge

52 weeks challenge is popular every start of the year. It gives you an idea of how much you can have at the end of the year when you set aside a specific amount every week. In case you are having a hard time sticking to your saving commitment, then this app could help.

Available to Android users, this app helps you set your financial goal and make sure you stick to a schedule. It also helps you keep track of how much you have, shows you a progress record, and sends you reminders in case it’s time to set aside the amount you promised to save. Don’t worry. This one is free as well.

You Need a Budget

From the name itself, you can easily tell that this app is designed for people who, well, need a budget. Apparently, budgeting is not that easy. This is why this app promises to make budgeting easier for you by providing features such as Goal Tracking, Debt Paydown, and Bank Syncing among others.

You Need a Budget is also free and available for both Android and iOS users.


Are you sharing a house with fellow Filipinos? This can be a good way to augment rental expenses, but how sure are you that everyone is paying their dues?

The good news is Splitwise can help you with that. Available for both iOS and Android users, this app track a particular expense shared by multiple individuals to ensure that everyone pays equally and on time. You can even keep track of those who owe you money and you can also note how much you owe someone.

Home Budget

Every OFW spouse must have this app. Home Budget is designed to track bills, expenses, account balances, and everything else related to home budgeting. There are also graphs and charts to show you whether or not your spouse is exceeding the monthly budget you set.

Similar to other apps, Home Budget is also free and available to iOS and Android users.

Daily Expenses

Let’s face it: keeping track of your daily expenses is challenging. Nonetheless, you have to do it because you need to see where your money goes and make necessary adjustments in your budget for bigger savings. The good news is this app can help to help you become smarter with your money.

The key here is to update the app as soon as you spend, otherwise, it won’t be much useful to you. Unfortunately, Daily Expenses app is only available to Android users.

What are you waiting for? Start downloading these apps as your first step towards financial freedom.

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