9 Tips to Get Your PAG-IBIG Housing Loan Approved

We get a lot of inquiries about PAG-IBIG Housing Loan for OFWs. This post is intended to boost your chances of approval, although not 100 percent guarantee. 

Are you planning to buy a new home for your family? What about extending your home to the recently acquired lot and have your house renovated? These situations entail cost, which also means big money is involved. In case you don’t have extra funds to do so, you rely on PAG-IBIG, the government agency responsible for providing accessible funds for housing for every Filipino.

According to the latest news from PAG-IBIG, the agency released more than P32.7 billion worth of housing loans for the first half of 2018 alone. This is not surprising since interest rate range from 5.35 percent to 10 percent with up to 30 years repayment terms. Compared to banks, PAG-IBIG offers the most affordable housing loan facility for all its members, including OFWs.

Here’s the challenge: how to get that much-needed approval.

Read up as we share tips that, although won’t guarantee 100 percent approval, but could boost your chances of getting that housing loan:

1. Prove that you have a stable source of income. 

This is a must. Despite the affordable rates to help you become a homeowner, it is important to show the agency that you are capable of paying.

When applying, make sure you provide a copy of your employment contract as well as other income documents that will prove how much you are earning. If you have an existing business, submit financial statements that reflect how much you earn. This will give PAG-IBIG an idea that you can pay the loan no matter what happens.

2. Any PAG-IBIG loans must be settled first. 

This is another must. In case you have previous and unpaid loans from PAG-IBIG, whether it;s a housing loan or multi-purpose loan, then make sure you pay up. Otherwise, this could be a good reason for the agency to deny your loan application.

3. Set a realistic loan amount. 

This is another mistake made by many loan applicants – aiming for the maximum loan amount to borrow. While PAG-IBIG offers up to P6 million, this doesn’t mean you will automatically qualify for it.

This is why it is important to submit proof of income to show the agency that you are capable of paying the loan, regardless of the amount. Don’t expect to get approved for P6 million when you are earning less than P100K every month. More importantly, use the online loan calculator in PAG-IBIG’s website to give you an idea on how much you need to earn to cover for the housing loan.

4. Pay for a higher down payment. 

Do you want to know a secret? If you want a housing loan approval from PAG-IBIG, then make sure you can pay a higher down payment.

PAG-IBIG could help you buy your dream home, but don’t put the burden on the agency. As much as possible, provide at least 20 percent equity or the value of the property. If you can pay more than 20 percent, then much better and higher chances of approval as well.

5. Apply with a co-borrower. 

Many people ask how they can avail of any type of loan when they don;t have property for collateral. The answer is simple – apply with a co-borrower. Still, it’s not just any co-borrower. S/he should be someone who is regularly employed and with excellent credit history if you want to increase your chances of approval.

“Can I apply with more than one borrower?” The answer is yes. In fact, PAG-IBIG allows up to two co-borrowers who are up to second-degree relatives to apply for a housing loan.

Tip: Consider getting a co-borrower who lives with your family. This way, s/he would be more willing to help you out.

6. Buy a home that is within your budget. 

You might want to buy that penthouse in a posh location in Makati, but can you actually afford the monthly amortization?

If you want approval from PAG-IBIG, then make sure you go for a house that you can afford to pay every month. It may not be your dream home, but going for a home that you can pay is much better than living in that dream home for only a few months because you can no longer pay for it monthly.

7. Improve your credit score. 

This is important. Your credit score will tell lenders like PAG-IBIG regarding your capacity to pay and how responsible you are as a borrower. If they see that you miss payments, then how do you expect the agency to approve your loan application?

Don’t worry. You can do something to improve your credit score by following these tips.

8. Submit all the requirements.

It sounds simple, but believe it or not, this could spell a big difference in your loan application.

What you can do is to make a checklist of all the requirements and use it as your guide before you submit your loan application. Compile everything in one envelope and make sure it is complete upon submission.

9. Attend the PAG-IBIG Housing Loan Program Orientation. 

Did you know that this orientation was mandatory before you apply for a loan? At present, the agency conducts free seminars to anyone who wants to apply for PAG-IBIG Housing Loan. This is a good opportunity for you to learn more about this facility and at the same time, get answers directly from PAG-IBIG officials.

Below are the schedules:

  • First and third Saturday of the month at 2/F, Jelp Business Solutions Building, 409 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
  • Every second Saturday of the month at 3/F Lecture Hall A, Legislative Building, Quezon City Hall
  • Every third Saturday of the month at Rizal Provincial Capitol, Multi-purpose Hall, Antipolo City

Seminar is from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. If you want to join, make sure you’ll call them first at (02) 724-4244.

50 Replies to “9 Tips to Get Your PAG-IBIG Housing Loan Approved”

  1. If delinquent Credit card holder, Possible po ba na disapproved yung HDMF Housing Loan Application ko?

    1. There is a possibility po na ma-reject since they also look into the credit history of the applicant. However, kapag napakita niyo naman na capable po kayo to pay the loan, then possible din naman na ma-approve ito.

  2. Good day po…. Finished contract na po husband ko ofw po cya waiting next year Para sa new apply nya…. For requirements na po kmi sa pag ibig nag email na po ung developer ang kaso wala n cya contract possible PA rin po ba na na approve ung pag ibig housing loan namin…

    1. Hello Cristina! If makakapagpakita kayo ng proof of income or any documents showing na may pinagkakakitaan kayong iba, then posible parin po na ma-approve ang loan.

  3. Tanong ko lang po ung sa loan namin na ci na po ung bahay namin nung october 3 pa bakit wla hanggang ngaun update galing sa pag ibig kung approve o hindi ung loan, ilang weeks po ba ang process nun?

  4. Hello po. Ask ko lang po nag apply po ako sa lumuna housing thru pag ibig last year and I am about to fully paid the equity this year. Unfortunately may missed contribution po ako sa pag ibig. May possibility po ba na ma dissapprove po ako?

  5. Hello Ms. Lara! What if nagkaroon sya beofre ng bad credit sa bank, na forclosed po ang bahay. And now OFW na sya and has capacity to pay na, will it be approved by Pag Ibig?

    1. Hi Nicole. PAG-IBIG will consider that pero hindi ibig sabihin automatic rejection. Just show po yung proof of capacity to pay like employment contract and payslip.

  6. co guarantor ako ng kapatid ko nung single pa ako, para sa bahay namen worth 1.2M, na approved naman and since 2013 pa ung loan, ngaun, married na ako, plan namen mag asawa na iloan ung bahay na binebenta sa amin,e worth 1.7M un so i thought baka di kaya ng misis ko sa loanable amount nya kaya kung ano, maguarantor ulit ako, pwede ba un?

    1. Hello Aleron! Wala naman po magiging problema kung ikaw ay magiging guarantor. As long as maipapakita ninyo ang capacity to pay at kumpleto lahat ng requirements, maaari po kayo ma-apprive ng PAG-IBIG.

  7. Pag po ba 9 yrs ka ng di nakabayad ng cc… Posible bang ma dis approve ka sa application mo sa pag ibig kahit na meet mo yun requirements sa monthly income na need nila?

    1. Hello Allan! may epekto ang unpaid loans sa inyong loan application. Pwede parin ito ma-approve pero maaaring mas mataas ang interest o maiksi ang term ng loan.

  8. Hi planning to be a co-borrower pero hndi pa po kme kasal ng borrower. Pde po ba? Pareho nman po kme employeed and regular employee.

    1. Hi Kham. Looks like there’s no issue with that as long as complete requirements and you can provide proof of capacity to pay.

  9. Hi. Ask ko lng if ever na kungwari 4m ung price ng house na bibilhin and ung monthly ko ay d naman ganun kalaki but earning more than 35k a month. Chineck ko kasi ung pagibig calculator and mga amount lng na pede ko maloan eh nasa 1.7 ata or something. May possibility ba na maapprove ako? and I also have a good credit score so nag mamatter ba un?

    1. Hi John. From what we know, hindi po talaga i-shoulder ng lender ang 100% cost ng property na gusto ninyo bilhin. Usually, that’s 60% to 70% lang po ang loanable amount. Regarding the possibility of approval, yes. Just make sure you can show proof of capacity to pay such as employment contract, payslip, and savings.

  10. Hello, posible po ba na madis approve kmi sa housing loan kpg co barrower yong wife pero meron po syang credit history sa bank…?

    1. Hello Lisa! As long as updated ang payments and no past due accounts at on-time ang payments, then maaari maging co-borrower and wife na may credit history na.

  11. Hi. May utang po ako sa Cashalo last yr amounting 1500, which is until now hindi ko pa nababayaran. Would that also affect my credit score? Kung bayaran ko sya before ako mag apply ng housing loan.

    1. Hi Jessie. Unpaid loans will have an effect in your credit score. We suggest that you pay pending obligations before you apply para mas mataas ang chances of approval.

  12. may effect ba sa approval ng housing loan pag may mali sa members information?( Mothers maiden name)
    Nakapasa na ko requirements for acquired asset. Thanks.

  13. hi po. may salary loan po ako 2 yrs ago sa pag ibig. pero hindi po ako nakapag pay. na auto offset na po sya sa contribution ko last april 2020. possible po ba na ma disapproved ako sa housing loan?

    1. Hello Jane! As long as wala na kayo existing loan obligations sa PAG-IBIG at kumpleto ang requirements, maaari kayo ma-approve 🙂

  14. Hi i had credit card accts before na napasok s collection agency in 2003.
    Nabayaran ko na naman sila pero na cancel na card ko dati. Pero now wala na ko past due. Automatic disapproved na ba ako po? May chance pa po ba makapagapply at maapprove? Ok naman na po ngayon finances ko at kaya naman ng gross income ko hopefully

    1. Hi Donna! This won’t automatically deny your loan application. However, make sure that you can present necessary documents to prove that you are now capable of paying the loan 🙂

      1. Bad credit history won’t be erased; however, lenders can see if payment was made to settle the loan obligation. Lenders will take note of the payment history as well.

  15. hello sir, tanong ko lang po pumapasok nmn po ang hulog ko monthly, pero bakit sa virtual hindi po halos nababawasan ang total amount loan ko?ganun po ba talaga yun?

    1. Hello! You can check your account sa PAG-IBIG to confirm that you made payments. It’s possible na hindi updated ang system. Pakitago po ang proof of payment just in case. Thanks!

  16. Hello po,

    Na approved na ang pag ibig loan ko. Pero sabe po ni developer may idededuct po sila sa approved loan ko from pag ibig (misc fees?). Meaning po mag cacash out pa ako aside sa na fully paid ko na down payment? Please advise po. Salamat

    1. Hi Jesse! You can coordinate with your developer because usually, may additional fees pa na kailangan i-deduct aside from the downpayment. You can also ask for a breakdown of fees to check. Thanks!

  17. Hi maam,

    Mam nadisapprove po ako sa construction loan from pagibig dahil may konting discrepancy daw sa tct ko..pinapa submit ako ng technical description / data computation w/in 30days need kong maka sumbit..pag ganun po ba may possibility po bang madisappruv?

  18. Hello Miss Lara. Ask ko lang po kung possible ako maapprove sa housing loan kung may existing loan ako sa company coop namin? Makikita kasi sa payslip ko yung loan payments ko. Thanks

    1. Hello Menchie! Possible parin naman. As long as makikita ng PAG-IBIG na regular ang payments, then there’s a chance of approval because it shows you are a responsible borrower.

  19. Hi,

    I have a question po. Pwede po ba maging co-maker yung ka live in partner ko? Wala po kasing pwede mag co-maker na second degree sa fam ko.

  20. Hello. Can you elaborate and give tips during the whole appraisal step? Do i have to be there during the property appraisal? What do I need to do as a borrower/buyer? Thank you.

    1. Hello! PAG-IBIG might have third-party appraisers who can check on the property to assess its value. Normally, they will just check on the area even without the owner.

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