4 Ways to Give Love to Your Family this Christmas Even from Afar

Two more months and it’s already Christmas? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If not, then don’t worry. You still have time.

Christmas is the time when many OFWs head back home to be with their loved ones even for a few days. Unfortunately, not all are allowed to go home. In case you are one of them, don’t worry. You can still show your love to your family even if you are miles away.

Here’s how you can do it:

Send gifts back home. 

This is the most obvious way to show that you care for your family back home. Sending gifts make your family feel that you think of them and care about their happiness. Giving gifts must be carefully thought out to make sure that not only it will fit every member’s personality and interests but also they will appreciate what you gave and treasure it. This will add more value to the material thing.

Still, don’t shower them with too much material things, especially if it means you have to spend every centavo in your salary and savings account. Set a budget and pay in cash.

Do things together as a family. 

Video call is invented for a reason. Take advantage of that by using this tool to bond with your family especially come Christmas time. Opt for a video call and do things together as if you are home. You can watch a movie as a family (make sure you watch the same show or movie), put up Christmas decorations in the house (both in the Philippines and your place overseas), or cook Noche Buena virtually together. Even if you are afar, doing things together will make you feel closer to home and will surely make your presence felt.

Remember this: the most expensive thing you can give to someone is the gift of time. Give it to your family because time spent can never be taken back. Use it wisely.

Write handwritten letters. 

Technology does make communication easier. Instead of buying a prepaid card for overseas call, all you need is a decent Internet connection and you can call your family anytime of the day without spending too much.

Still, this doesn’t mean there is no more room for writing letters. In fact, another way of showing your love this Christmas is by writing them a personal letter. Use it as an opportunity to tell them how much you love and care for them, especially when you can’t say it out loud during your phone and video calls.

The best part is your family gets to keep the letter/s after all these years. This is something they could easily go back to when they misses you.

Keep communication lines open. 

This is important. Being apart doesn’t mean you should not be updated with what is happening to your family. Listen to how their day went and share them about your day and experiences as well.

Take lots of photos, especially if you plan to visit tourist spots during off days, and send the photos to them. Don’t forget to write a note saying that you love to bring them there someday. At the same time, ask for their photos. You care about your family and this includes knowing the things happening to them.

Nothing and no one can ever replace your presence especially this Christmas. It could be disheartening and depressing since this is the season where you should be with your family, if not for the circumstances. Even if you are miles away, this doesn’t mean your presence should not be felt. Remember these tips to make them feel your love this Christmas.

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