4 Investment Tips to Remember for OFWs

Sometimes, working hard is not enough to be able to secure your family’s future. Life overseas is unstable and there is always a possibility that you might be asked to go home even if your contract is not yet due because of various reasons like political turmoil, civil uprising, or tragedy among others.

In case that happens, are you ready?

This is why time and again, we always emphasize the importance of investing your money. In doing so, you are not only making your money grow but also ensuring everybody’s future because you always have funds to back you up.

The question now is how do you invest?

Here are tips you need to remember to make sure you make the most out of your investment:

1. Knowledge is power. 

For the laymen, investment can be overwhelming and difficult to understand. This could also be the reason why there are many who prefer not to invest because it’s something that they cannot comprehend.

That should not be your mentality. It could be overwhelming at first, but that’s what the Internet is for. Simply type “investment” and you will find tons of articles, podcasts, videos, and blog posts about it. Take your time to go through the information in front of you so you will have better understanding of what your options are and how each of them works.

If self-study is not your style, then you might want to consider attending seminars about investing. In case you have questions, you will easily get answers because someone who knows a lot about investing is in front of you.

2. Know the difference between good and bad investment. 

No pun intended, but scammers are most likely to lure OFWs to invest in their “venture” with a promise of high return of money after a week or one month at most. Since you are interested in growing your money (and hopefully as quick as possible), you decided to sign up.

Be careful. Before you invest your money into something, you need to make sure the legality of such investment deal. There is no such thing as double or triple your money in one week. Yes, you can grow your money, but this will take time, months or years even, before you can reap the benefits.

Be vigilant and stick to banks and other legitimate investment companies in growing your hard-earned money.

3. Send remittances regularly. 

When you invest, there is a higher possibility that your family back home will manage it or process necessary acts on your behalf. This way, you don’t have to worry about it and just focus on your work overseas.

To make sure that your investments are properly maintaining, you should be able to send money regularly for this specific purpose. You can use the money sent for various investment purposes like increasing the amount of your investment or getting another type of investment.

Speaking of remittances, it is important that you send money on safe and legitimate channels. This way, you are sure that the money you sent from overseas will arrive in the Philippines.

4. Go online. 

You are miles away from home and you only rely on your family when it comes to managing your investment. Still, you need to be on top of everything to ensure that your hard-earned money is spent wisely.

Therefore, go online. If the disbursement account is through a specific bank account, make sure you apply for online banking facility so you can easily track your investments. Don’t forget to check it regularly.

Take note that this will not guarantee you a million by the end of the year, but investing your money will help you a lot in making it grow. Don’t be afraid and give investing a try. There are tons of investment options available and it’s just a matter of finding the right track for you.

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